The 12 Best Beach Jewelry Pieces of 2023

With sand and salt-friendly picks from brands like Mejuri, Gorjana, and Jennifer Fisher

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Best Beach Jewelry Pieces

Byrdie / David Hattan

While sunglasses, beach bags, and broad-rimmed hats are essential beach accessories, jewelry is often overlooked—which is a total shame since the right bracelet, necklace, or pair of hoops can add a touch of French Riviera-like glamour to your ensemble. You don’t have to go overboard with the jewelry, though; in fact, there’s a wide assortment of pieces on the market right now that are modern, effortless, and, best of all, accessible.

Picking the right piece of jewelry to wear to the beach is tricky; it has to be made of a material built to withstand saltwater, sand, and sunscreen, while also being secure enough so that it doesn’t get swept away by a rogue wave. Melanie Fitzpatrick, the co-founder of the jewelry brand LeMel, explains that karat gold, like 14k and 18k, is the ideal metal for the beach, as it’s the most durable material. Another great choice is gold-filled jewelry 14k and higher, which won’t make your skin turn green.

With the help of a few jewelry experts, we scoured the market and landed on a few high-quality, stylish pieces of jewelry perfect for beach hangs, afternoon swims, and soaking up the sun. To ensure we’re recommending the best possible options, we considered metals, karats, and overall design, while also keeping wearability and comfort top of mind.

Best Overall

Missoma Fine Twisted Curb Chain Choker

Missoma Fine Twisted Curb Chain Choker


Understated, stackable jewelry is having a moment right now and this necklace from Missoma captures the vibe wonderfully. Crafted in 14 karat solid yellow gold (which our experts agree is a great metal to wear to the beach), this dainty choker necklace features an ultra-fine twisted curb chain that, ironically, stands out either on its own or when paired with several other necklaces. What we love most is the fact that the brand uses recycled materials to handcraft pieces that are carbon neutral, consciously sourced, and responsibly made without compromising quality. 

Price at time of publish: $407

Metal: 14k Solid gold | Warranty: 2 years

Best Budget

Little Words Project Bracelet See The Good

Little Words Project Bracelet See The Good

Little Words Project

Brighten up your stack with these adorable bracelets from Little Words Project. Each bracelet features a word or phrase intended to serve as a reminder and offers a little bit of inspiration each time you glance down at your wrist. There are tons of collaborations, collections, and customization options to choose from, so you’re sure to find a bracelet that resonates with you. The bracelets are elastic and come with a variety of beads from silicone to stone to brass, and fare well with salt water, sunscreen, and sweat. Our editors have worn several of these bracelets to the beach and can vouch for the fact that they still look brand new, even in the months afterward. 

Price at time of publish: $25

Metal: Plated brass hardware, Elastic, Silicone and stone beads | Warranty: No

Best Beachy

Ettika Cowrie Shell 18k Gold Plated Necklace

Ettika Cowrie Shell 18k Gold Plated Necklace


Nothing says beach jewelry like a shell necklace, especially when it’s a gilded choker made of cowrie shells. Whether you wear it on its own or paired with other necklaces, this 18-karat gold-plated choker looks as good with a bikini and a sun hat as it does with a flowy kaftan and sandals. It’s approximately 11 inches long and is intended to sit on the base of the neck. 

Price at time of publish: $50

Metal: 18k Gold-plated shells, Wax cord | Warranty: No

Best Dainty

Jennifer Fisher Chill Weekend Earring

Jennifer Fisher Chill Weekend Earring

Jennifer Fisher

Those with double piercings will love these dainty chain earrings from Jennifer Fisher. Though sold as one singular earring, it features mini diamond studs connected with a round link chain that can be worn on its own or with a stack of earrings—either way, it’s a bold yet dainty look for your ear-scape.

Price at time of publish: $700

Metal: 14k Yellow gold | Warranty: No

Best Ring

Tiffany & Co. T Square Ring

Tiffany & Co. T Square Ring

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany’s T Square Ring is an ever-popular option because of how well it stands up to everyday life. It’s designed so that it won’t tarnish or leave a green ring in its wake, making it a great choice for the beach—so long as it’s nice and secure on your finger. 

Price at time of publish: $450

Metal: Sterling silver | Warranty: No

Best Hoops

Jenny Bird Teeni Toni Huggie Earrings

Jenny Bird Teeni Toni Huggie Earrings

Jenny Bird

These unique hoops from Jenny Bird are popular for a reason: They wear well with everything. The squared-off design separates them from the other options within the hoop category and the hinge back ensures a secure, ocean-proof fit. Our editors are huge fans of the brand, and can attest they’ve stood the test of time. Despite lots of wear, they still look brand new—even after quick dips in the ocean and daily showers.

Price at time of publish: $88

Metal: 14k Gold-filled brass | Warranty: No

Best Studs

Ellie Vail Ariana Large Stud Earring

Ellie Vail Ariana Large Stud Earring

Ellie Vail

Made with hypoallergenic stainless steel, these cubic zirconia studs are designed to withstand sweat, water, and whatever else a day at the beach will throw at you. Both earrings are 8 mm in diameter and come with a post back—so you can count on them being secure. Best of all, the brand says the only care the earrings need is a quick swipe of a soft cloth. 

Price at time of publish: $46

Metal: Stainless steel, cubic zirconia | Warranty: No

Best Anklet

Mejuri Dot Chain Anklet

Mejuri Dot Chain Anklet


Anklets are a fun way to spice up any barefoot or sandal-clad look. This one from Mejuri is designed with 14kt gold to last forever, sans oxidizing or discoloration. The Dot Chain Anklet is available in two lengths—9.5 and 10.5 inches—and features eight tiny (but secure) disc charms. The brand shares that each of their pieces is made with recycled gold to reduce environmental impact—so you can feel good about your purchase too. 

Price at time of publish: $250

Metal: 14k Yellow gold | Warranty: 2-year

Best Bracelet

Adina Eden Mini Evil Eye Bracelet

Adina Eden Mini Evil Eye Bracelet

Adina Eden

If you haven’t caught on, we love a good stack. Thanks to its versatile yet adorable design, the Mini Evil Eye Bracelet from Adina Eden is can be paired with your everyday jewelry or entirely on its own. Crafted in 14 karat gold, it will last forever, no matter how many times you dive into the ocean. 

Price at time of publish: $150

Metal: 14k gold | Warranty: 120-day

Best Necklace

Hey Harper Nassau Gold Necklace

Hey Harper Nassau Gold Necklace

Hey Harper

We love the way this elegant herringbone necklace looks—especially when paired with a tan. And apparently a lot of other people do, too, seeing as this style of necklace is often worn in inspo photos gracing our For You pages and Pinterest boards. Judging by the quality, you’d guess this necklace costs hundreds of dollars, but believe it or not, it’s available for under $60. Plus, we love that the brand offers a lifetime color warranty that covers discoloration issues that may occur throughout the lifespan of your jewelry items. 

Price at time of publish: $59

Metal: 14k gold-filled stainless steel | Warranty: 120-day

Best Customizable

Gorjana Bespoke Coin Necklace Gold

Gorjana Bespoke Coin Necklace Gold


If you’re more into bespoke jewelry, you’ll love this affordable option from Gorjana. You have the ability to customize the coin necklace with pretty much anything you want—from initials to a lucky number. It’s on the daintier side; the chain extends to 17.5 inches and the coin measures a half inch in diameter, so there’s less risk of it getting swept up in a wave. It also makes for a great gift. 

Price at time of publish: $70

Metal: 18k gold-plated brass | Warranty: No

Best Body Jewelry

Lili Claspe Chiara Body Chain

Lili Clapse Chiara Body Chain


Body chains are everywhere this year. Take part in the trend by snagging this option that features tiny cubic zirconia charms and chains that gather at the waist but take off in six different directions. We love that it gives off sparkly, figure-tracing shine that looks fabulous in the sun. 

Price at time of publish: $140

Metal: 14k gold, Cubic zirconia | Warranty: 120-day

Final Verdict

Our favorite piece of jewelry for the beach is Missoma’s Fine Twisted Curb Chain Choker. It’s crafted in 14 karat solid yellow gold (which our experts agree is a great metal to wear to the beach) and features an ultra-fine twisted curb chain that looks stunning on its own or when paired with other jewelry. For something more budget-friendly and playful, we love the Little Words Project Bracelets. They’re available in hundreds of colors and have tons of sayings to choose from; you can even customize them to say your name or a word that really speaks to you.

Meet the Expert

Melanie Fitzpatrick is a jewelry expert based in Houston, Texas. She is the co-founder of LeMel, a jewelry brand she runs and operates with her sister Jen.


Nadine Kahane is a New York City-based jewelry expert. She is the founder of Stone and Strand, a minimalist brand that offers one-of-a-kind casual and high-end jewelry by emerging designers.

What to Look for in Beach Jewelry

Types of Metal 

Both Fitzpatrick and Kahane agree that some metals are better than others when it comes to the beach—aka standing up to salt, sand, sunscreen, and sweat. “Karat gold—like 14 karat and 18 karat—is the most durable for the beach. The second best option, in my opinion, is 14 karat gold-filled jewelry,” Fitzpatrick says. “Gold-fill jewelry holds up at the beach and throughout the summer and will be wearable in the months afterward.” What’s more, Kahane adds, any gold below 14 karat could get tarnished due to oxidation with other elements. “The beauty of gold is that it can be re-polished and restored to pristine condition,” she says. Team Byrdie loves the Mejuri Dot Chain Anklet, a 14 karat gold anklet, as well as the Jenny Bird Teeni Toni Huggie Earrings (a pair of gold-filled brass earrings). 

Kahane adds that platinum is also durable and can comfortably be worn on the beach. “Jewelry isn’t invincible—so it’s possible for high-shine finishes to get scratched if constantly brushed against the sand or a hard rock,” she says. 


Another element to consider when buying jewelry for the beach is the stones or charms on the piece of jewelry. “Real diamonds are the hardest stones and are the best for the beach; sapphires and rubies are also relatively hard and durable stones,” Kahane says. “I would avoid opals and emeralds, as they’re both extremely soft stones and absorb a ton of water, which can change their color and inherent beauty.” Fitzpatrick agrees, explaining that turquoise should also be skipped, as it doesn’t take to sand and water well. The Jennifer Fisher Chill Weekend Earring is one of our favorite pieces as it’s made with real gold and features a tiny, resistant-to-everything diamond. 

And, although pearls are beachy in nature, they can get easily scratched by sand and lose their luster. So, as Kahane says, if you decide to sport pearls to the beach, be sure to wear them carefully.  


Jewelry is very personal, so the design you choose and how you style it is entirely up to your discretion. “I recommend a bolder collar-length necklace in solid gold so that you don’t have to take it off; this type of piece works great at the beach and for going out to dinner,” Kahane says. “A herringbone chain, in particular, really catches the sun.” We’re partial to the Hey Harper Nassau Gold Necklace, a waterproof, collar-length herringbone necklace that doesn’t break the bank and comes with an amazing lifetime discoloration warranty plan. Fitzpatrick also adds that anklets and pearls are popular trends she’s seeing this year.

  • What type of jewelry should you not bring to the beach?

    Avoid gold-plated jewelry, as any contact with water will fade the gold. “You should not swim with gold-plated jewelry in the ocean or pool,” Fitzpatrick says. As for specific pieces not to wear to the beach, Kahane recommends leaving your expensive rings at home.

    “Cold water can make your fingers shrink; be extra careful that nothing—your engagement ring especially!—doesn’t fall off,” Kahane says. 

  • How do you take care of your jewelry at the beach?

    “Before diving into the waves, check your earring backs are tight and your necklace clasps are secure,” Fitzpatrick says. “Waves are powerful and if anything is loose, it can come right off.”

  • How do you care for jewelry after the beach?

    According to Kahane, rinsing your solid gold jewelry in slightly soapy water after going to the beach can be a good way to remove any salt or sunblock that could oxidize the gold.

  • How do you travel with jewelry?

    “When you’re traveling to your destination, make sure you pack your jewelry safely,” Fitzpatrick suggests. “A small travel case (she loves the LeMel Jewelry Travel Case) is a great way to keep jewelry safe and secure.” Remember, never check your jewelry—you always want to have it in your carry-on!

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