The Best BB Creams for Dry Skin When It's "Colder Than Mars"

We've officially passed the point where the bomb cyclone is no longer a funny name we use in conversations about the cold weather. (To the weather gods, we are very sorry for making fun of the term, and if there's anything we can do for penance to stop our faces from hurting when we venture outside, feel free to DM us). Between losing circulation all over our bodies when we go out and curling up very close to our space heaters when we sleep, we know we're putting our skin through the ringer.

To combat the inevitable dryness, we turn our attention to BB creams, which are great options for everyday use. While they are normally used for tinting and smoothing the skin, a lot them are packed with ingredients that help lock in moisture. We've rounded up seven of our favorites. Scroll through to see the creams that will be saving our skin this winter.