This BB Cream Basically Gave Me a "Skin Transplant"

I've had a pretty solid no-daytime-makeup stance for years now—it just always felt like a nuisance to apply first thing in the morning. The layering, the blending, the brushing was too much for my groggy eyes to handle. Cut to a few weeks ago when 3Lab sent me their Aqua BB Cream ($100), a product I had no interest in trying. I had a firm stance on matte, full-coverage foundation, and BB cream never seemed to cut it. Plus, as someone with an oily T-zone, "glowy" face makeup felt like a disaster waiting to happen. I am here to tell you I was 100%, categorically, undeniably wrong. 

Let me start by saying I know it's an astronomically expensive product. But I would sooner pay double that price than ever give it up. Below, I explain why.