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"Calgon, take me away" has long been the catchphrase for bath lovers to slow down, unwind, and luxuriate in self-care. The key to a successful, relaxing bath is achieving the right vibe with the right products, and a lot has changed since the Calgon days of the '80s.

From bath bombs and body scrubs to crystal candles, bath subscription boxes will help set the mood by shipping a number of curated products to your front door. They’re also a friendly reminder to indulge in some essential "me-time" anytime.

Here, we break down the best bath subscription boxes. Give the gift of leisure to yourself or a loved one.

Best Bath Subscription Boxes of 2023

Best Overall : Bath Blessing Box

Bath Blessing Box

Bath Blessing Box

Pros and Cons
  • Offer themed boxes by month

  • Has good reviews overall

  • Nice positive messaging

  • Variety of products

  • Can be expensive


The Bath Blessing Box helps to turn your bath into a sanctuary by offering luxurious, curated products for around $40. Its mission is to “create a kinder, gentler world of squeaky clean do-gooders who can now share love, peace, and sudsy kindness.” It sounds like a grand task but it has been said that when you take care of yourself, you’re better equipped to take care of others. So do as the company urges, and bathe yourself in love. 

Subscribers can pick from a bath or shower sanctuary box, or choose to be surprised. Either way, you should receive items such as bar soaps, body scrubs, bath soaks, or other bath-inspired goodies and accessories.

For a more specific picture, the “Moisturize Me March Box” included eucalyptus lemon artisan soap, a coconut verbena sponge, two bath bombs for the bath subscribers (and two shower steamers for the shower ones), and either a body butter, body oil, or body souffle. Each box also includes recipes, tips, and a "count your blessings" enrichment card. Amen.

Best Budget : Bath Box by The Magickal Earth

Pros and Cons
  • Features small businesses

  • Most affordable

  • Range and variety of products

  • Some customers complained about the size of the products

  • Can be too spiritual for some


If you’d like some spiritual protection along with your bubble baths, look no further than Bath Box by The Magickal Earth.

For around $30 per month, the subscription includes four to six items such as a ritual bath soak, handcrafted essential oil crystal candles, bath bombs, and soap. The products are vegan, natural, and cruelty-free and the box features a new small business each month (the company is also a small owned business based in Washington state). 

The real standout element of the box is its witchy vibes. Along with the bath and body products, each subscriber also receives a new crystal to match the month’s energy and starts you off on an optimistic note. These stones are intended to do everything from ridding your home of negative vibes to stimulating desires and uplifting your attitude (read about the properties of each on the company’s website.) If you want to channel your inner Beyoncé and “charge your crystals in a full moon,” this is the subscription for you. It’s a real gem—we promise.

Best Variety : Bath Bevy

Pros and Cons

What We Like

  • Variety of products
  • Monthly themed boxes

What We Don’t Like

  • Products seem to be geared toward a younger crowd

With the help of the subscription service Bath Bevy, bath lovers are able to elevate their me-time from average to spa-like. The founder decided to launch her business as a way to ease the pains she deals with on a daily basis suffering from chronic illness and she believes everyone can benefit from taking time to consistently care for themselves.

Each box includes five to seven handpicked items which vary depending on the theme of the month (e.g. December’s “Home for the Holidays”). The curated goodies range from bath bombs and lip balms to loofah soaps and pumice stones, all of which can be used either during or after your bath. 

Starting around $40 per month, you can gift yourself or someone else the luxury of a nice, soothing soak. You can cancel the subscription at any point and they’ll even send you a courtesy email the day before it renews for the forgetful among us. There’s also an option (starting at roughly $42 per month) for the tub-less amongst us that includes the same handmade, small-batch products, for those who only have a shower.

Best Eco-Conscious : Sudzly

What We Like

  • Eco-conscious, natural products
  • Good mission

What We Don’t Like

  • Can be expensive for some
  • Organic products aren’t for everyone

Owner Holly Roper started making her own all-natural soaps, lotions, and bath bombs for her family who often dealt with allergies, ingredient intolerance, and skin issues stemming from store-bought items. After seeing how her loved ones benefited from eliminating dyes, petroleum-based items, and dangerous preservatives, she quickly realized that self-care items don’t need to come with negative reactions (and should include more than just fragrant soaps and glitter bath bombs).

With Sudzly, she's able to bring these good-for-you alternatives to a much larger audience.  Today, Sudzly's overall mission is to acknowledge that “what you put in and on your body today can help you lead a healthier lifestyle tomorrow.”

Starting at about $45 per month for the luxurious self-care box, subscribers get two soaps, two bath bombs, and a mix of bath, body, and skincare items. Everything is organic, natural, and derived from plants, essential oils, clays, and minerals so you can pamper yourself without guilt.

Best for Bookworms : Bubbles & Books

Bubbles & Books

Bubbles & Books

What We Like

  • Affordable 
  • A creative and interesting spin on the typical bath subscription box
  • Work with small business owners

What We Don’t Like

  • Not a lot of range in book genres

If we’re being honest, sometimes it’s hard to know what to do when taking a bath. The aim is usually to reduce stress, yes, but does that just involve looking at your toes, listening to music, or watching your fingers gradually turn into prunes? It can get boring after a couple of minutes is what we’re saying, but Bubbles & Books has a way to keep you entertained. 

As the company states, reading and relaxing go hand in hand and they ensure you keep up with both by way of its monthly subscription box. It's great for book lovers who wanted to combine the escapism of a good read with winding down at the end of a long day; plus, it’s a way to prioritize and force some “me time” on those who need it. 

Starting at roughly $30 per month, subscribers can select one new paperback book release (often from an up-and-coming author) in genres such as contemporary, paranormal, historical romance, or mystery thriller. The subscription also comes with access to at least 15 ebooks and three to five luxury bath and body items created by small business owners. You also have the option to include add-ons to your first box, like a bath pillow or caddy, which help you to get properly lost in the pages.

Final Verdict

Bath subscription boxes not only curate great products but serve as a reminder to slow down and indulge in some leisure time. We focused on providing a variety of options—from all-natural and vegan to fragranced and fun—in terms of products and messaging. Magickal Earth is all about approaching the bath from a spiritual standpoint, while Sudzly’s mission is to help subscribers live a healthier lifestyle. 

Most subscriptions feature products that you can use both in and out of the bath, while others also include options for the tubless among us. Bath Bevy stood out for its themed boxes and dedication to creating a luxurious experience; Bubbles & Books was highlighted for its emphasis on providing its subscribers with escapism via a good read and an environment where they can wind down. Bath Blessing Box earned our best overall title for its wide range of offerings, positive messaging, and high praise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Bath Subscription Boxes?

Bath subscription boxes are monthly memberships with companies that deliver their own branded bath and body items or tout other companies' products. The items you receive depend on the company and month, but products can include bath bombs, soaps, candles, body oils, and more. 

How Much Do Bath Subscription Boxes Cost?

Subscription costs vary depending on the company and the kind of box you opt for, but on average cost around $30 to $45 or more a month. 

How We Chose the Best Bath Subscription Boxes

We selected the best bath subscription boxes based on price, variety of products, and online reviews. Customization options—like add-ons or specialty boxes—were also considered along with positive messaging and a commitment to being eco-conscious. Each box offers unique, quality products that will undoubtedly enhance your bath-taking experience.

Best Bath Subscription Boxes

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