Buy Friday, Use Sunday: The 5 Best Bath Products on Amazon Prime


Always Judging

It's Friday, which means our brains are already partially checked out for the weekend—but not before sharing our plans with you first, dear readers. #SelfCareSundays very often call for a luxurious bath, because aside from peak relaxation, the wellness benefits of a great soak abound: From giving your metabolism a significant boost (it's comparable to an actual workout!) to clearer skin and a less anxious brain, it's one of the easiest ways to find some full-body R&R.

But while a basic soak will certainly do the trick, the best way to take a bath to the next level is to arm yourself with some key products. And as always, if you don't feel like running around to different stores this weekend, Amazon Prime has you covered: Order now, and you'll have your entire bathtub beauty brigade on your doorstep come Sunday.

Below, shop the best bath products on Amazon.