The Best At-Home Hair Color Brands Ever, According to Real Reviews

Scrolling past images of celebrities' flaxen, amber, and raven locks with perfectly painted balayage or face-framing highlights is a study in artistry. But sadly for those of us with a few less decimals on our paychecks, a color appointment that runs a few hundred dollars a session isn't always feasible. That's where less expensive options come in. Sure, we've all had a store-bought hair color incident when we were younger that maybe rendered us a brassy shade of orange (the memories!), but today's options are more user-friendly than the unreliable formulas we'd sneak into our moms' bathrooms. To find out which at-home hair color yields the best results, we scoured reviews from some of the most beloved brands.

Up next, take a look at these tips for giving yourself perfect at-home color.

Opening Image: Mango