3 Ab Exercises You Can Do While Watching Netflix


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After a winter of very few workouts, we are ready to step up our fitness just in time for spring. While signing up for a class or two crossed our minds, we thought it would be wise to get back in the game with a workout that we can do in the privacy of our own homes (because baby steps). To kick-start our springtime fitness routine, we reached out to Ethan Marine, body architect at Anatomy Miami, for the three best at-home ab workouts to get us back in the gym.

According to Marine, a strong core is essential to properly perform most exercises, so it is the perfect place to start when rebooting a fitness routine. He says, “Ab strength is important because it is responsible for bracing and stabilizing the muscles surrounding your trunk and hips when performing just about every movement.” He further adds, “If your core is weak, every other muscle group and exercise will suffer.” To start building your core, keep on reading for Marine’s three favorite ab exercises that take less than 30 minutes.