I Tried 4 Arm-Hair Removal Methods So You Don't Have To



A glamorous subject it is not, but anyone else who has dealt with darker-than-average arm fuzz for most of their lives can probably relate with my struggle. Nowadays, I'm not nearly as self-conscious about it as I used to be—a result of my hair lightening and thinning out a bit with age, finally narrowing down the most effective methods of diminishing its appearance and, well, growing up. But the memory of being 11, awkward, and the subject of taunts about my "gorilla arms" still pangs me from time to time. We all have our "things" that we wouldn't mind changing, and this is probably my most longstanding one.

"Why don't you just wax it?" people ask me. Oh, I have—though, for the record, I don't like having completely hairless arms; it feels unnatural. I've also used Nair, bleach, and a good old-fashioned razor. But I've had the most success in experimenting with some more-newfangled approaches in recent years, and my conclusion is that it has never been so easy to style and groom your body hair than it is today. Weird but true. And maybe unsurprising in this day and age.

So, which methods are the best? Check out my honest reviews—and my favorite of the bunch—below.

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