Ready to Get Serious About Anti-Aging? This Is All You Need



We asked industry experts to name the one thing—be it a product, ingredient, treatment, or technique—we should add to our routine to really amp up our anti-aging efforts. While the actual recommendation varied from expert to expert, there was one overarching theme that all four skin specialists called out: a focus on skin health and strength. As we all know, skin ages in many different ways. For years, probably even decades, anti-aging meant anti-wrinkle. There’s been a shift in the past few years to focus on skin brightening (after all, uneven tone is the number one marker of age). While the pros do find skin-brightening ingredients and treatments an important piece of the anti-aging puzzle, they all say it’s just that—one single piece of the entire puzzle. This year, if you want to take your anti-aging efforts up a notch, you need to run out and book the latest laser treatment or splurge on the trendiest new ingredient. But rather, the pros’ best advice is to try to see the whole picture. Targeting your skin’s health is way more effective than fighting crow’s feet here and dark spots there. Still not convinced? Scroll through to hear it from four professionals!