15 Little-Known Haircare Products With 5-Star Reviews on Amazon

A blessed gift to any and every kind of beauty lover, Amazon is kind of like the Emerald City. Of course, there's the sparkling outward veneer filled with all of our favorite luxury beauty items, but there's also a hidden layer beneath rife with potential and undiscovered diamonds in the rough. Another perk? Amazon is one of the best places to shop if you want honest, unabated reviews on your potential product stash. (Seriously, shoppers don't hold back.)

So in an effort to marry the best of all worlds, we began a challenge of sorts: Find 15 haircare products with solid, five-star star ratings which we (and most likely you) have never heard of before. Intriguing, no? After all, we've already performed similar tasks like locating 18 under-the-radar beauty products with over 1000 ratings and finding seven wellness products the site can't keep in stock, so why not keep the magic going? Plus, since it's officially summer and warm temperatures, salty water, and unrelenting sunrays are already wreaking havoc on our strands, we thought we'd be strategic with our subject matter. Leave-ins, tools, and brushes, oh my! Keep scrolling for 15 of the best Amazon hair products with five-star reviews across the board.