The Best Aloe Vera Gels and Lotions—Because Even the Best SPF Users Miss a Spot

First comes sun, then comes fun, then comes, well, a sunburn. It's cruel, really. Especially since we've been waiting so long for those first summer rays to warm our faces. But sun protection is a necessity, and every so often, even the most diligent users miss a spot or two. That's where aloe gels and lotions come in. Aloe works to soothe, hydrate, protect, and rid your skin of the tell-tale redness sunburns inevitably display. It also plumps your skin, cools it down, and staves off dark spots and fine lines. It's a pretty wonderful ingredient, IMHO. 

So to help you get through the summer, skin intact, we listed off our favorite aloe gels, lotions, masks, and moisturizers (there's even one spray in there for when you're on the go). Below, find your newest skin saviours.