The Affordable Products You'll Actually Use Regularly, According to Real Women

Have you joined our (not-so) secret Facebook group The Beauty Line yet? If not, it's high time you did: The discussion among fellow hair and makeup savants is on point, the tips and pointers are top-notch, and the product recommendations are pure gold. Case in point: After recently pondering aloud which affordable beauty products actually get the job done, I was met with a barrage of odes to drugstore and frugal finds—from the mascara to end all mascaras to the lip balm that rivals a designer-name version. Commence the shopping spree.

I know I'm guilty of thinking I need to spend more to get exceptional results from my beauty purchases, but this exchange put me firmly in my place—and smacked an entire roster of products on my radar. But did any of your own picks make the cut? Keep scrolling to see the products under $20 that are actually worth buying—and chime in with your own recommendations in the comment section below.