Good to Know: Meghan Markle Uses This Supplement to Relieve Stress

We're calling it: 2018 has been the year of adaptogens, the buzzy new supplements that came to the fore with the promise they will heal everything from our health to our skin. We first wrote about them back in January 2017 and have been sprinkling these medicinal herbs into our smoothies, teas and salads ever since. And no, we don't plan on stopping that anytime soon because, as it turns out, even Meghan Markle is a fan. According to our intel, she's been using one particular adaptogen in the run-up to her wedding to help relieve stress, but what exactly is an adaptogen?

Well, they get their name thanks to their ability to help our bodies adapt to periods of intense stress or to combat the perpetual fatigue we all face sometimes. Consider them little personal assistants that live inside the body to make sure everything is in order. They also work wonders for the skin, a subject we have loads more on here, thanks to the strong link between the internal (our health) and the external (our complexion).

The only problem is there are so many of these wonder supplements, it can be hard to know which to choose. So rather than suffer a meltdown of confusion in Holland & Barrett, click through for the 11 most useful ones to add to your diet now and to find out which is Meghan's favourite.

Best for: reducing fatigue

You know those days when you feel so tired, despite getting a full eight hours? Well, you could benefit from adding a little bit of eleuthero to your diet. Studies have found that it has the power to reduce cloudiness and bump up those energy levels. Moon Juice's Power Dust (£39) contains eleuthero as well as ginseng, rhodiola and organic stevia—making it a brilliant powder to add to smoothies following a strenuous workout.

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