10 Acne Patches That Will Actually Do Work on the Stubborn Pimple on Your Chin

Remember the days of pasty, white liquid spot treatments? Or perhaps more importantly (or traumatically, depending on your outlook), forgoing a glance in the mirror only to hurriedly enter Starbucks with a dried-up and flaking smear of white across your face? Exact or similar scenarios have happened to us more times than we can count, and even after clear gel formulations began to make their way into our acne emergency kits, we still had issues. Not only do liquid and gel spot formulas have difficulty penetrating a frustrating pimple infestation (since they solely sit lightly atop a blemish), but they're also quick to slide off our faces—be it on our pillowcase or during a late-night yoga class.

Luckily for us and our impromptu date-night pimples, however, the skincare industry has come up with a brilliant antidote over the past few years: pint-size patches that dutifully adhere to our skin, simultaneously pushing acne-busting ingredients into an angry and infected pore while protecting said pore against outside exacerbators (like bacteria or a stray finger fighting that inevitable temptation to pick or pop). As with all skincare products though, some acne patches are better than others, so we readied our pimples, rolled up our sleeves, and did the dirty work for you to find the best of the best. Keep scrolling for the top 10 acne patches your favorite retailers have to offer—from your local CVS to Sephora and Amazon.