America Has Spoken, and It Swears By This Little-Known Acne Mask

Having acne is never fun. Between the emotional toll it can take and the desperate struggle of trying to hide it, it's not surprising that research shows women would go to great lengths to avoid a dreaded breakout. However, one of our favorite methods to help treat persistent pimples or an unexpected flare-up is with a good face mask specifically aimed at acne relief. The best ones are often formulated with a blend of clay or mud and a variety of calming agents to help relieve and soothe overactive oil glands. Not only are they a quick, self-indulgent solution for treating both your troubled skin and your crushed spirit, but they're also much more cost-effective and less time-consuming than a trip to your dermatologist or esthetician. In fact, the best masks can often impart professional results in a fraction of the time.

But, of course, that begs the questions: Which masks are the best? What should I use to help my skin look and feel better? To answer, we turned to our friends over at Rank & Style for the rundown on the best acne masks currently on the market. Keep reading to find out the top pick.

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Opening image: REN and Cece and Grace