I'm Convinced These Acid-Based Products Helped Fade My Dark Spots

Is it just me, or does the thought of putting acid on your skin sound really scary? Not kidding, the thought of lathering acid on my face felt frightening to me for a while. That is before I knew the magical powers of acid and all the wonders it can work for your skin. To put it simply, my skin is so damn dry—not to mention I have severe eczema—and it's been that way for as long as I can remember. I had to adopt a skincare routine before I even knew how to spell skincare. Yep, since my baby days.

To add insult to injury, post–inflammatory hyperpigmentation came into my life in my early 20s. I was just starting out my beauty career and had no idea exactly what worked for my sensitive skin. I tried everything. This resulted in the worst breakouts of my life, which turned into unsightly dark spots all over my face that I've been determined to get rid of since last year. As you can see by now, my far-from-perfect skin has been through some things and is still trudging along.

Here's photographic proof for context: