The Best Exercise for a Cut Core

Crunches... They are no one's best friend, we assume. That being said, having a strong core is excellent for our posture and for walking in heels. Using a stability ball as an alternative to basic situps pushes your tummy to tighten even more by incorporating balancing techniques. We’ve all seen a yoga or pilates teacher using a seat similar to the Tone Fitness’s Stability Ball ($19) as their desk chair, and now we know why. Whether you’re sitting down watching television or dedicating time to do stability ball roll-outs, the use of the ball will keep your abs active and strong.

Want to give it a go at home? Fit Happy has a free ab-workout YouTube video (above) incorporating a stability ball that’s both easy to follow and incredibly difficult to actually do. Your abs will thank us!

Do you use a stability ball? Would you ever swap out your office chair for one? Let us know, below!