These 2000s Clothing Trends Are Making a Comeback in 2021

Ah, the nostalgia.

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake

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Aughts-style dressing is back in full swing, and we can feel it from our heads to our Ugg boots. We don’t know exactly when platform sandals, white tank tops, and Juicy Couture tracksuits began to resurface, but we aren’t complaining. We know they're controversial, but low-rise jeans are coming back around too (don't worry, we're not tossing anything high-waisted now or ever). From cropped cardigans to airbrushed t-shirts, many 2000s trends are back in action and have never looked better in 2021. 

Seeing these decades-old pieces reemerge on runways and our favorite influencers has us wanting to partake—and apply an extra coat of lip gloss. To help you do just that, we put together a comprehensive list of our 15 favorite trends from the early aughts to show you exactly how you can incorporate them into your modern wardrobe.


There are no shoes quite like Uggs. The round toe mixed with the fuzzy lining and sheepskin outer layer is more comfortable than anything we could ever imagine, even in our wildest dreams. Since the early 2000s, these boots have been seen on influencers and celebrities—and never quite gone out of style. While some call them the most hideous shoes ever to exist, others find comfort in knowing their toes will stay warm on even the coldest of days. To style these boots to perfection, we recommend wearing them with your favorite pair of jeans. If you’re feeling funky, put on a pair of tights and a winter dress. On even the coldest days of the year, you can style these boots with layers upon layers and be the mountain climber your 10-year-old self always wanted to be. P.S. did we mention Uggs come in pretty much every color?

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Platform Sandals

When haven’t platform sandals been all the rage? These shoes are so versatile, even during the colder months. Pair with a midi dress and sunnies, and you’re ready to hit the beach. Dress them up with a mini skirt, socks, and a collared blouse and you’re basically in a Miu Miu campaign. You really can’t go wrong with this trend. You could even add some toe rings to really make it over the top.

White Tank Tops

It’s hard to say when this trend started, but most think it’s from the days when you could see Paris Hilton prancing around different nightclubs around the world. While her tanks occasionally said something controversial, it's Hilton's plain white tops we became obsessed with. These days, you can see countless women in New York walking around with tailored pants and a white tank, making the trend look stylish and effortless at the same time. Whether dressed up underneath a blazer and jeans or dressed down with sweats or leggings, this is a trend we hope never goes out of style.

Dresses Over Pants

This trend is a little wild... but we can’t help but think it’s one of the greatest looks to come out of the decade. We don’t know who was the first person to walk the red carpet in this look, but Mischa Barton, Ashley Tisdale, and Halle Berry were frequently spotted in this trend during the 2000s. Your best bet is to pair your favorite pants or jeans with a shorter dress on top (or a tunic). Brands like Free People are still making this trend possible, and with a few accessories and lipgloss, you’re good to go.

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Juicy Couture Tracksuits

We feel like this trend never really left our radar, but with brands like Parade bringing it back, we're excited about it all over again. While we sit and reminisce about the days when Lindsey Lohan and Nicky Hilton would wear a juicy sweatsuit to Starbucks or the club, we are glad they are widely available for purchase again. If you’re lucky, you can score an amazing deal on a two-piece from Depop. If you need some help deciding what shoes to wear, might we recommend doing a full aughts look and bringing out those Ugg boots and mini purse?

Cropped Cardigans

The cropped cardigan is another trend that never left our minds. You can thank Jacquemus for that. Whether you’re a little cold during your Zoom meetings or sitting in a drafty room, the cropped cardigan is the perfect chance to show off your style while staying comfortable. With so many to choose from, you really can’t go wrong with a cropped cardigan and high-waisted jeans in the spring. Who knows, you could even layer a puffer over that for a real Britney Spears-style outfit.

Low-Rise Jeans

Remember when Tyra Banks was seen wearing low rise jeans with a studded belt? That controversial trend has come back in full swing—as seen on the R13 runway in 2020 and fabulously in Collina Strada’s collection. Channeling your inner Keira Knightly? Pair your jeans with a white tank. Looking to be like Britney running to Starbucks? Pair with a graphic tee, and you’re good to go.

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Jean Skirts

We think this trend is fabulous because even in winter you can wear a jean mini skirt with tights. As seen on the likes of Bella Hadid and Nicki Minaj, there isn’t a celebrity or trendsetter who hasn't made a denim mini skirt look decidedly fresh. Pair with an oversized sweater and you’re ready to hop on Zoom. During the summer, you can even get away with wearing a crochet top and a mini skirt and look exactly like Jemima Kirke in that episode of Girls.

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Cargo Pants

Hilary Duff circa the Lizzy Mcguire years made us obsessed with this trend. She always paired hers with some funky pointed shoes and a hat—and we wanted to be her. Bands like 3LW also made cargo pants look cool in their music videos and we can’t help maintaining our dream of being a Cheetah Girl. There are so many versions of cargo pants from cropped to baggy to army print, you can’t go wrong when finding a pair. These stylish pants are also a transitional piece that can be worn all year long.

Denim on Denim

Our hearts and minds are forever in debt to Justin and Britney for their fabulous denim-on-denim awards show outfit. Because of their American Music Award red carpet look, the Canadian tuxedo appeared and reappeared in the 2000s many times over. And it makes sense—it's so versatile. Pair with a trench coat or try cutoffs with a denim shirt.


We bow our heads to Avril Lavigne for making us feel alternative in a tie and white tank top. Because this trend looks good on everyone, from Diane Keaton to our dear Avril Lavigne, you can basically throw it on over any casual or polished look.

Lip Gloss

Ever wonder how celebrities get their lips so shiny? Or why Christina Milian and JLo always had that glow about them? It’s lip gloss. This trend has come back with full force courtesy of from brands like Glossier, MAC, and Tower 28. Stick it in your bag and go.

Airbrushed T-Shirts

It’s time to dust off that old Bar Mitzvah swag because airbrushed t-shirts are back and better than ever. Chances are, you’ll find the best deal at your local thrift store, but you can also try searching on sites like Ebay and Amazon.

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Anything Fuzzy

While we've shifted our focus away form real fur, faux fur is everywhere and far less of a financial commitment (and better for the animals and environment). We are pretty sure we can thank Cam'ron's iconic pink fur outfit for that. Because it’s freezing out, we are excited about this trend because it also comes in about a million forms.

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Mini Purses

This trend has forever melted our hearts (and made it so we don’t need to carry the burden of a giant purse). The mini purse has changed our lives ever since we saw Le Sportsac making them in 2005. With the return of mini bags from brands like Jacquemus, Gucci, and Susan Alexandra, this is another style that we're excited to wear all over again. The only problem is figuring out what to fit inside.

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