Seriously: This Buzzy Drink Clears Acne and Flattens Your Stomach



We'd say it's a safe bet that while scrolling through Instagram, you've come across a pretty image of a yellow, frothy drink in a mug, probably in front of a café window with just the right amount of light pouring through, especially if your feed skews toward New York. Like matcha, this drink, sometimes referred to as "golden milk," is easy on the eyes but even better for your body, and city girls can't get enough of it. (We prefer Bluestone Lane in NYC's tasty offering.) What is it? A turmeric latte—and we're here today to break down why this highly photogenic beverage deserves a daily spot in your morning routine.

Unlike typical lattes, there is no espresso (or caffeine) involved in a turmeric latte. (We know—caffeine is our lifeblood too.) Instead, it's generally a mix of turmeric, ginger, coconut oil, almond milk, and a little natural sugar to taste. (Check out Goop's yummy recipe.) Drawing inspiration from the ancient Indian herb used to heal everything from acne to arthritis, mainstream society has blended, blitzed, and frothed it into a trendy drink all the cool New York girls are sipping on. And if taking care of your body means you're cool, sign us up. Keep scrolling to learn more about all the incredible benefits of turmeric lattes!

Do you drink turmeric or take turmeric supplements? What benefits have you seen so far? Please sound off below!