4 Women on Why They Decided to Go to Therapy

Figuring out how to navigate this life—relationships, career, mental health, social media, finances, the list goes on—is a complicated and often overwhelming experience. It's a struggle that is at once entirely relatable and uniquely personal. The thing is, it's not uncommon to feel alone, off-kilter, or without answers, but admitting to it and asking for help are where the issues lie. Still, there's this murkiness surrounding therapy; this reflex that it means something's wrong with you. It's quite the opposite, actually. Understanding the parts of you that need work (or surrendering to the idea of "needing work," in general) is healthier than ignoring the concept entirely. 

So I reached out to a few women for their experiences with therapy—as a way to not only showcase its positive qualities but offer a reprieve for anyone who still feels uncomfortable about the practice. Below, find their stories.