This Tea Is Like Nature's Chill Pill

Updated 08/01/17
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Life inevitably has ups and downs, and with all of that comes a bevy emotions—from anxiety to stress and the occasional mind-bending, hangover-induced exhaustion. There's the occasional bout of sadness that comes about for no reason at all and body aches from PMS. We're all human after all.

To help you through it, we looked into a few all-natural remedies, and as it turns out, certain teas can be the antidote you're looking for. So says Mona Dan, a leading acupuncturist specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine and owner of Vie Healing in Beverly Hills. Below, she lays out the most common emotional ailments her clients complain of and the best teas to help.

anxiety - tea benefits


"Teas with florals are good for anxiety," says Dan. "Most people are familiar with chamomile teas for relaxation, but any blend with rose or other florals is helpful in soothing and quieting the mind. My favorite is Huanhe Calm Tea ($21), an infusion rich with soothing orchids, blood-nourishing gojis, and antioxidant-filled marigolds. The orchids have a unique sleep-assisting quality that's really helpful when you need to unwind and relax."

stress - tea benefits


"Organic India Tulsi Turmeric Ginger Tea ($4) has a great immunity-boosting, anti-inflammatory effect, which I absolutely love," says Dan. "Because its base is made with holy basil, which is a very powerful adaptogen that regulates stress levels, it's also helpful for your most stressful days."

pms - tea benefits


"Borage Leaf Tea ($14) is incredible to relax your mid-section, especially during PMS," explains Dan. "It has special properties to assist with adrenal insufficiency and balance out your hormones. It moves blood and quickly relaxes your nervous system. It's also a nice little sedative…"

exhaustion - tea benefits


"Mixing coconut and green tea is incredible for hydrating the body," suggests Dan. "Our Kualie Happy Tea has coconut as the base, three different kinds of mints (peppermint, spearmint, and Moroccan mint), and a couple florals, too. Along with the hydrating properties in the coconuts, the mints will lift your spirits, sedate your belly, cool down your body, and help with exhaustion."

hungover - tea benefits


"Orange peel is known for moving energy. Alcohol and late nights can cause 'dampness' in the body," notes Dan. "Orange peel is great for reducing dampness and even nausea to create a happy gut. You can make this tea at home by simply boiling orange peels with your favorite white tea."

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