The Easy Lifestyle Hack That Burns 350 Extra Calories a Day

What if I said you could burn an extra 350 calories every day? I know what you’re thinking… I’m about to share some crazy eating plan or workout with you. But what if I said it has nothing to do with diet or exercise? Intrigued? You should be. But first let me tell you how I discovered this calorie-burning hack.

When I was five, I got extremely excited in a ball pond. My mother watched on from a distance in horror as I jumped from a high platform into the mass of balls. I screamed out as a pain shot up my spine on reaching the multicoloured pond—I’d landed straight on my tailbone. I had to sit on a rubber ring for six weeks.

Fast-forward 26 years, and a rather vigorous bout of V-sits in a workout class left me with a dull, aching pain that reminded me of this long-forgotten incident that happened decades before. I have an office-based job where I have to sit at a desk all day, but it’s not all that chic sitting on a rubber ring (fine when you’re five).

Racking my brains for a solution, I thought back to my time as fitness and beauty editor at Women’s Health, where I had been incredibly jealous of my colleagues who had standing desks. Standing didn’t hurt my coccyx (the “proper” name for our tail bones), so before Christmas I pushed my chair aside and found a couple of empty boxes in the office to sit my laptop on. I haven’t looked back since. My tail bone gets welcome relief, and not only that, I noticed a pretty rapid loss of five pounds (without making any other changes). Keep scrolling to find out more about the benefits of standing at work and how to make the switch.