SoulCycle and Flywheel Addicts: Here's What Spin Is Doing for Your Body


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Spin class has been around since the early '90s, but as of late, the hard-core workout has developed something of a cult following. So why is everyone raving about biking in place? It turns out, like most exercises, Spinning is really, really good for you. To learn the many health benefits of spin class, we reached out to Annabelle Torgman, instructor at Flywheel, who shared the reasons we should add indoor cycling to our workout routines.

While we never quite understood the appeal of biking in place coupled with upbeat music and an inspirational shout or two, after talking to Torgman, we started to understand just why people are hooked on the exercise. From its stress-reduction abilities to the fact that an average session burns a whopping 400 to 600 calories, cycling is a serious workout that improves both physical and mental health. To learn the many benefits of spin class and the reasons you should give it a try, keep on reading.