The Trendy New Way to Beautify With Superfoods

We like to explore the healing and beautification powers of superfoods, but we usually mean consumption of them as part of a meal, not wearing them. Lately, it seems the beauty world is taking a cue from DIY-ers and incorporating nature’s little miracles into its cleansing products. But, as the entire list of ingredients, not just one among a zillion others we've never heard of. Leading the trend are detoxifying facial masks, most notably Glossier’s Mega Greens Galaxy Pack ($22).

Canadian beauty brand Graydon has since followed suit, engineering 19 vegan superfoods into the launch of its Superfood Mask + Scrub ($39). Graydon Moffat, founder of Graydon Clinical Luxury, says she cooked up the idea of using superfoods for beauty products after witnessing their profound ability to bring health back into one's body through her years as both a macrobiotic chef and yoga coach. 

Moffat shared with Byrdie, “I could not wait to bring the powerful goodness of the superfoods I know so well into a skincare context. With the help of our lab, we determined that many of these wonderful nutrient-dense ingredients are bioavailable and skin friendly, so it was a no-brainer.”
While it may look like a vitamin, the tiny capsule is meant to be cracked open and applied as a face mask. (Cute!) The two-in-one capsule combines a pre-portioned dose of superfoods that, when applied, brighten and nourish the skin. And they are designed to be compatible with all skin types.

Whether you prefer to wear or eat your way to beauty, visit Clinical Luxury by Nature to view the 19 different superfoods that naturally brighten the skin, including vitamin C, aloe vera, and coconut water

Are you more comfortable applying superfoods to your face, over pricey products we can't pronounce? Or would you just as well drink a green juice or some coconut water to get the benefits? Sound off below!