Benefit's New Virtual Reality Tool Lets You "Try On" Different Brow Shapes

It's 2018, which means it's been a few years since celebrities like Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins inspired an international eyebrow obsession. But that doesn't mean it's anywhere close to being over. Brows are still equally important to beauty routines everywhere. After all, no one, including us, has stopped hunting for the perfect growth-enhancing serum, the best natural-looking makeup product, or the most flattering and statement-making brow shape.

As for the first two things, we have some suggestions. Check out our six favorite growth serums and the best eyebrow fillers across pencil, powder, and gel categories. As for the last thing, well, that's a little tougher. Each person's eyebrows are different and the most flattering shape will be too. Thankfully, Benefit has our backs, because the brand just launched a virtual reality tool that lets you "try on" different brow shapes before committing to them. It's called the Benefit Brow Try-On Experience, and it's as realistic as it is helpful. Keep scrolling to learn more.


Head to the Benefit website and you'll see a link to the brow try-on technology. Once you click on it, you'll be offered three different ways to try out new brow looks. You can choose live or static 3D. The former will allow you to move around and see the new brow shape on your face from different angles. The static 3D requires you to either upload an existing photo of yourself or take one on the spot. Your old brows are blurred out and a new shape is set in place.

We tested it and it's kind of amazing. While other services like this have launched before, they've never given us a wholly accurate look, as our brows never look completely natural or realistic. This one, though, surprised us. Whether we're changing our brow shape to an extreme Kardashian-approved set of arches or an Audrey Hepburn–inspired straight set, it looks totally real and lifelike. The image is right there in front of you so you can judge, once and for all, which shape best flatters your face.

Use this before making a brow appointment so you can rest assured that you'll love the new shape. Because, in our opinion, there's nothing worse than trying to grow your original brows back after a bad shaping.

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