Stop Everything: Benefit Just Announced a Gigantic New Line of Brow Products


Isabella Behravan

Alert! Alert! We're finally allowed to spill the beans on the makeup industry's best kept secret of 2016. Today, Benefit Cosmetics is officially announcing what it calls the biggest launch in the company's history. And it has everything to do with… BROWS. This is not a drill.

Benefit has been known for its transformative brow products and services since the late 1970s. In fact, five million Benefit brow services were performed last year alone. But June 24, Benefit is introducing an entire new collection of exclusive brow products, which it predicts will change the at-home brow shaping and styling industry forever.

Here's what you can expect: The new brow collection will consist of nine core products, some of which are reformulations of familiar Benefit brow products, and some of which are brand-spanking-new. We're talking pencils, pomades, gels, brow growth enhancers, and more—all packaged in gorgeous, futuristic silver casings. 

If you're a brow junkie, consider this the most important cosmetics launch of the year. 

In the meantime, shop our current Benefit brow faves below!

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