Belly Button Plastic Surgery Is Now a Thing, But What Is It?

Updated 02/20/18

Plastic surgery is no new thing, and in 2018, it's widely becoming an accepted part of society. We're less judgmental (rightfully so) and understand that an individual's decision to alter their body is exactly that—their own decision. Recently we've witnessed an influx of new plastic surgery trends. This month, it's belly button plastic surgery. Known as umbilicoplasty, plastic surgeons are predicting this surgery to be one of the biggest trends of 2018, according to Allure.

Belly button plastic surgery: Woman holding belly button

Umbilicoplasty involves changing the size or shape of your belly button by removing extra skin or tightening the abdominal skin surrounding the belly button. It is popular with new mums who may feel their navel has been stretched during pregnancy or following dramatic weight loss.

Darren Smith, a plastic surgeon from New York, told Allure that some patients want to change an outie belly button to an innie. An outie navel generally appears when a layer of tissue protrudes through a hole in the abdominal wall, this causes the belly button to bulge forward and give an "outie" appearance. To create the look of an "innie" surgeons have to repair the hole in the abdominal wall. This procedure is called umbilical hernia repair.

Neither procedure is very invasive and requires little downtime, but it's definitely a decision that needs careful thought and consideration. While belly button surgery might be a hot topic right now, the trend is something that could lead people to worry about a part of their body they have paid little attention to before—I mean they spend most of their time hiding underneath our T-shirts. But if your belly button's appearance is something you've been struggling with for a while, feel safe in the knowledge that there are options—but speak to the professionals and know that all belly buttons are perfect, no matter what size or shape.

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