Surprise: Bella Hadid Has Given Up on This Workout for Good

Updated 06/12/17
Michael Ostuni/Getty Images

Our ears definitely perk up when models spill their fitness regimens—and we always take notes. Earlier this week, at the Nike Cortez launch event in Los Angeles, Bella Hadid confessed to E! News how into exercising she is. "When I work out, I love to work out," confessed the model. "I train, and I work out hard for two hours." But one form of fitness Hadid admitted she isn't a fan of is yoga. "I don't like to do the whole yoga thing. I think yoga is calming, and it's amazing, but if I'm going to go for it, I am going to go hard," she shares.

But as we've already pinned to our mental model fitness boards—Hadid used to be a proponent of yoga and less into exercising, especially "going hard." Just a couple months ago in an interview with The Coveteur, Hadid said "[I'm not] really big on exercising," adding that her body "can't handle aggressive workouts," due to her long battle with Lyme disease. For her, working out is more about feeling fit and strong than losing weight, and in the same interview, she named yoga as one of her favorite workouts.

Though her busy schedule had been keeping her out of the studio, she stated, "I used to love going to yoga on Thursday nights to just chill and breathe, and have an hour to not think about anything but myself."

One thing's for certain, switching up your workout is always a good idea. Learn how mixing things up can keep you from hitting a dreaded exercise plateau.

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