Bella Hadid Just Made a Huge Announcement About Her Health

Getty/ Dimitrios Kambouris

In a recent Harper's Bazaar article titled “Why Is Everyone Smoking Again?” the author addresses the recent public showing of cigarette smoking among young models and celebrities like Elsa Hosk, Sofia Richie, and Kylie Jenner. In some cases, such as ad campaigns and Instagram posts, the cigarette is probably just used as a prop. (Kendall Jenner vehemently denied smoking on her app, saying, “I’ve never smoked a cigarette and I never will,” despite having been photographed with a cig in a shoot posted on her own Instagram just two days ago.) But prop or not, many of these women have huge platforms and impressionable young fans watching their every move, which is why we erupted in a mental applause today when Bella Hadid posted a picture of her smoking and the caption “I quit.”

Cigarette-smoking statistics are down significantly in the past few decades, even within the past few years, but the era of social media makes it seems as though, like the Bazaar article suggests, everyone is doing it. In spite of all of this, we commend Bella’s announcement, which was met with over 490K likes and thousands of congratulatory comments. We’re not sure how long her quitting journey has been, but studies show that going cold turkey is the most effective method, so if this is a new decision, there’s a good chance she can stick to it. Here’s to you, Bella.

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