Bella Hadid Posts Her Revenge Body to Instagram


Marc Piasecki/Getty Images

According to Beyoncé, the best revenge is your paper, but after seeing Bella Hadid’s revenge body on Instagram, the jury's out.

Revenge body is a term that has been thrown around a lot as of late, and if you are unaware of the meaning, Bella Hadid’s latest post will clarify a few things for you. In a Boomerang posted on January 12, Hadid can be seen posing in what looks to be a high-cut black one-piece with her hair slicked back in a low bun. The 20-year-old Victoria's Secret model captioned the photo, “goodnight love and light to you all..happy to be home.”

While Hadid regularly posts glam shots of her insane figure, this video comes following news that Selena Gomez and The Weeknd (Hadid’s ex) are romantically linked, thus making Hadid’s Instagram the perfect example of the revenge body. The term was made popular by none other than Khloé Kardashian, whose show, Revenge Body With Khloé Kardashian aired the same night that Hadid shared her video to Instagram. Perhaps the model was inspired by Kardashian's new show, or maybe she was just feeling herself, either way, Hadid is serving up some major revenge-body vibes.

To get a look at Hadid's latest Instagram post, keep scrolling.

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