Bella Hadid Channeled Marilyn Monroe With Platinum Curls

We love blonde Bella.

Bella Hadid with brown hair

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid is one of the fashion industry's biggest chameleons, and there's really no look she can't pull off. Lately, she traded her signature dark chocolate brown hair for a golden shade of "Aspen Blonde," and we've been loving blonde Bella. And, it looks like she just took it even further with a bright platinum shade—at least temporarily.

On January 17, the model shared a reel to Instagram, revealing almost-white platinum hair. Her hair is cut into a chin-length bob and looks like it was just taken out of hot rollers for an Old Hollywood look. Hadid is wearing minimal or no makeup and a plain white tank top. We can almost certainly assume that the look is a wig and Bella is taking us behind the scenes of a photoshoot—the fact that she tagged editorial hairstylist Sam McKnight pretty much confirms our suspicion—but we're into the Marilyn Monroe vibes regardless.

As for her real hair, Hadid recently went back to her roots (she's a natural blonde like her sister) with a honey shade she and her colorist, Jenna Perry, have been calling "Baby Bella" or "Aspen Blonde." Says Perry, "We have been dreaming up a lighter color for a while, but this was a ‘let’s see how far we can go’ moment. We went in and lifted her to as pale blonde as possible, considering her dark brunette history for the past year or so. I was aiming for a dark beige-y blonde base with lighter highlights."

If you're looking to go lighter, take a cue from Bella, as this shade of blonde is perfect for the colder temps. Unlike recent trending shades (tiramisumushroom, and even the platinum Hadid was wearing in the reel), the warmer undertones look great against pale winter skin and add an easy-going, lived-in feel. "The color feels virgin and natural," agrees Perry.

If you're thinking of trying the shade yourself, Perry has some simple advice. "As always, I'd highly suggest going to a hair colorist that you trust," she says. "One that will ask you all the right questions about your hair history to know what you can actually achieve/expect."

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