I Spent 6 Hours Living Like Bella Hadid—This Is What Happened

In pursuit of a more model-like existence, I decided to use NYFW as the necessary excuse to live my best life. Or Bella Hadid’s life, anyway. Bella Hadid (in case you’ve been off the scene for a while) is a 19-year-old Cali-born model who has taken the fashion and beauty world by storm. She walked for a bunch of heavy-hitting designers like Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford, signed on as the face of Dior Beauty, and is one-third of the dynamic, genetically blessed group that is the Hadid sisters. So why not try to be a bit more like her for a day? I fully committed, too.

First things first: Bella gets dressed by designers during fashion week. So what did I do? I hit up the lovely people at Michael Kors to see if they’d help me live out my fantasy. Bella would be walking in his show, after all. After scheduling a time to head over to the Madison Avenue flagship store to pick an outfit (I know, chic, right?), I walked through those golden doors and immediately felt like I was in the presence of greatness. Racks were lined with baby-blue furs, camel-colored coats, and suede bell bottoms from Kors’s most recent collection. Just as excited as I was, the saleswoman giddily helped me picked out my favorites and hung them up in the dressing room. When my eyes locked on a cropped jacket with fur-lined sleeves, I threw caution (and the 85-degree weather) to the wind and tried it on with a matching suede skirt and a crisp white button-down with a bell-sleeve silhouette. I felt incredible: fancy but cool, and definitely stylish—just like Bella.

Just like that, the saleswoman steamed each piece, wrapped them all up in a garment bag, and sent me on my way. That was easy, I thought as I trudged toward the subway. Then, in a moment of brilliance, I realized Bella would never take the subway, so I hailed a cab. Thirty minutes and mild bumper-to-bumper traffic later, I was home in Brooklyn, where I hung up my outfit for the next day and washed my face with Dior Gentle Foaming Cleanser With Velvet Peony Extract ($36), as Bella would.