This Is How Bella Hadid's Makeup Artist Creates a No-Makeup Look in Winter

Bella Hadid

Getty Images

In the dead of winter, pretty much every possible makeup look becomes more challenging to execute, as the weather works against you. Cold temperatures dry out skin and chilly winds leave you with a ruddy complexion. One beauty look that's particularly difficult to pull off in colder months is the no-makeup makeup look. In winter, we tend to want to pile on extra coverage and color to compensate for the state of our skin, so going the subtle route isn't always easy. However, celebrity makeup artist Vincent Oquendo, whose client list includes Bella Hadid, Kaia Gerber, and the Victoria's Secret Angels, spilled his winter-ready makeup tricks with W and his tips are having us reconsider no-makeup makeup in winter.

"The key thing about mastering a 'no makeup' look is not that there's actually no makeup, but that it's done masterfully with precision," explains Oquendo. He emphasizes that a no-makeup makeup look, which he says is the bones of any beauty look, is "all about a balance." More specifically, he makes sure to find an equilibrium between whatever contrasting formulas he's applying. "For every glowy product, you have a matte product to balance it out. If I'm doing a matte eyeshadow, then I want to highlight the inner corner and lid with a satin finish eyeshadow." In sum, Oquendo states "it's all about the highs and lows."

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