The $7 Skin Product Bella Hadid's Makeup Artist Swears By

Gigi Hadid may be a total It girl, but her younger sister Bella is blazing her own rock-star trail and having a major moment right now (which we don't foresee ending anytime soon). Between landing some huge covers for magazines such as Vogue and Elle, dominating the runways during fashion month, and looking like a complete siren at Cannes, there's no telling what the brunette bombshell will do next. But while she's taking over our social media feeds (and subsequently, our hearts), we in the beauty biz can't help but admire her perfect makeup. The man behind it all? Vincent Oquendo, makeup artist, sorcerer, and conductor of cosmetic wizardry. Think we're over-exaggerating? Take a look at his Instagram (and hello, Bella's face) and you'll see.

Oquendo was generous enough to offer up each step needed to create an entire full-face routine that's reminiscent of Bella's signature sultry look. Keep scrolling to learn how! 

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