Bella Hadid on Modeling And the Importance of Sisterly Love

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Bella Hadid is only 20 years old and she's already modeled for every major designer. She's booked huge campaigns with Dior and Bulgari, and has an Instagram following of roughly 15 million people. She also wears a cat eye and wet-look hairstyle like no one else. To sum it up, she's not a model. She's earned the ultimate moniker of supermodel. 

And so has her older sister, Gigi. The two have walked in a number of runway shows together (including Gigi's own, in her collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger during London Fashion Week), and they've always been vocal about their love and support for one another.

According to Bella Hadid's recent interview with Elle, that love and support isn't a façade. In fact, the two sisters have a genuinely amazing perspective on the whole business of modeling and maintaining their sisterly bond.

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"There's no reason for us to be mad at each other or competitive," Bella said, speaking to the magazine about the rivalry (or lack thereof) between herself and her older sister. "There are enough jobs in the world for both of us."

When asked what would happen if Gigi booked a campaign or show that Bella desperately wanted, she remained similarly unfazed. "We're in the family so she can buy me a pair of shoes," Hadid joked. "If we get booked on a job and she gets it or I get it, we're both happy for each other."

We love their refusal to compete or create a toxic relationship between themselves. To us, that's the ultimate #sistergoals. After all, supporting our sisters, friends, and co-workers is best for everyone's mental health, right? 

Apparently, though, it's not all sunshine and positivity for the Hadid sisters. Bella also opened up about the pressures of working in an appearance-based industry. "It's not very giving, being a model, it doesn't warm your heart," she said. 'It's not as rewarding for the soul as most things."

We're guessing this has to do with all that infamous online criticism that celebs are exposed to on a daily basis. "It's really tough. You're going to get scrutinized for anything that you do. So if you're skinny and have a sick body and you don't have a butt, people are going to say, 'Why do you have no butt?' And then you go and get a fake butt and they get mad at you because you have a fake butt. And then you don't have boobs, and it's just a whole circulating circle." 

We commend Hadid for opening up about the topic. It shows that no matter how well you subjectively fit society's beauty "ideal," you'll still come across negativity and criticism. Even a supermodel isn't immune to bouts of negative body image and insecurity. So let's all do ourselves a favor, and take a cue from Bella Hadid: Be kind to ourselves and others because that's beautiful.

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