10 Times Bella Hadid's Hair Made Us Feel Things

Bella Hadid is always game for switching up her hairstyle. She tells British Vogue, "Every time I have hair and makeup done, I come with different inspirations. I have hundreds of pictures saved on my phone, from the '40s to the '90s. Old-school celebrities, but also people I see in random photos from the '70s peace protests and things like that." These translate to short bobs, bangs, super-tight face-lifting ponytails, and butt-grazing extensions, but while the model's styles may span a large spectrum, her deep-brunette strands remain steadfast (except that time she tested out a baby pink wig and faux blonde bob).

Objectively, Hadid may play it a bit safe with her hair, but it's clear she knows what works for her features (as do her stylists). Her 'dos are consistently good, never earning so much as a slight cringe from Byrdie HQ. So to pay homage to these steadily beautiful coifs, we put together her 10 best hair moments below.