40 Bella Hadid Hair Moments That Have Cemented Her Status as a Beauty Icon

bella hadid walking with bouncy blowout


Bella Hadid is always game for switching up her hairstyle, and she regularly collaborates with her stylists on the creative process. She tells British Vogue, "Every time I have hair and makeup done, I come with different inspirations. I have hundreds of pictures saved on my phone, from the '40s to the '90s. Old-school celebrities, but also people I see in random photos from the '70s peace protests and things like that." These translate to short bobs, bangs, super-tight face-lifting ponytails, and butt-grazing extensions, but while the model's styles may span a large spectrum, her deep brunette strands remain steadfast (except that time she tested out a baby pink wig and faux blonde bob).

Objectively, Hadid may play it a bit safe with her hair, but it's clear she knows what works for her features (as do her stylists). Her 'dos are consistently good, never earning so much as a slight cringe from Byrdie HQ. So to pay homage to these steadily beautiful coifs, we put together her standout hair moments below.

Keep scrolling to see 40 of the best ways Bella Hadid's hair has inspired us.

Slicked Side-Parted Low Ponytail

Bella Hadid With Slicked Side Parted Low ponytail

@bellahadid / Instagram

For the Miu Miu show, Bella wore her hair in a simple and slicked low ponytail, made all the more chic with a severe side part and the finishing touch: a thin black headband. This is an easy look to replicate at home, with or without the accessory.

Thin Micro Bangs

Bella Hadid with thin micro bangs

@bellahadid / Instagram

We all love a good bang but Bella proves you can add a little drama to the classic style. This look pairs stick-straight hair with short, blunt and thin micro-bangs, brushed down for an avant-garde appearance.

Honey Highlights

Bella Hadid with honey highlights

@bellahadid / Instagram

Great color doesn't need much in terms of styling, as Bella proves with her honey-hued tresses. The natural, sun-kissed look sees much of the color concentrated near her face with the length kept long to show off the added dimension.

1920s-Style Bob

Bella Hadid with a 1920s style bob

@bellahadid / Instagram

This 1920s-style bob look super modern thanks to the addition of product, which gives it a subtle wet look. Here, the bangs are kept ultra short, with the ends of the bob hitting right around the ears.

Natural Curls With a Scarf

Bella Hadid with curls and a scarf

@bellahadid / Instagram

For a vacation-worthy look, take a cue from Bella and go natural. Here, her natural waves are kept long and loose, accented with statement earrings and a silk scarf on her head.

Layers and Bangs

Bella Hadid with straight hair and bangs

@bellahadid / Instagram

We love Bella's long layers here, which frame her face and are paired with long, eyebrow-skimming bangs. The center part gives the look a 1990s quality and is pure bombshell.

Wet Look

Bella Hadid with wet look hair

@bellahadid / Instagram

The 1980s-style slicked back wet look is ideal for a day-to-night event, or a runway, as seen on Bella. To replicate the wet look, try using a product like Oribe Gel Sérum ($35). Comb it through the hair and spritz with hairspray so the look stays in place.

Center-Parted and Straight

Bella Hadid with center parted straight hair

@bellahadid / Instagram

The stick-straight look gets a dose of sex appeal thanks to a smooth finish and a center part. It's proof that even a simple look can veer modern, especially when paired with a heavy cat eye, as seen on Bella.


Bella Hadid with ringlets in her hair

@bellahadid / Instagram

Frizzy can be chic, too. That's the takeaway from this ringlet-heavy look, which is teased at the crown and throughout the body of the hair and worn in a half-up style.

Slicked Bun

Bella Hadid with a slicked bun

@bellahadid / Instagram

This slicked bun is evening-worthy, thanks to the intricate style, in which the sideburns are gelled and curled. We love this look with a bold earring.

Retro Pinup-Style Ponytail

Bella Hadid in a pinup style retro ponytail

@bellahadid / Instagram

A classic high pony gets a fun twist thanks to full, rounded-under bangs, which mimic the classic retro pinup style. A couple of loose tendrils of hair further frame the face, and a piece of hair covering the elastic at the base of the ponytail adds even more class.

Faux Pixie

Bella Hadid with a faux pixie cut

@bellahadid / Instagram

By pinning hair up or placing it in a low ponytail and out of the face, you can mimic a pixie cut. The look veers into super realistic territory with the addition of micro bangs, as seen on Bella.

Side Parted Updo

Bella Hadid with a side parted updo

@bellahadid / Instagram

A classic updo gets a modern twist thanks to a side part that veers in two directions. Use a strong-hold gel to tamp down any flyaways and complete the look with an oversized pair of hoops.

Creating an extra-deep side part with an updo can help elongate your features, making it a great choice for those with round or oval face shapes.

Center Part and Air-Dried

Bella Hadid with a center part and air-dried hair

@bellahadid / Instagram

Keeping the hair in its natural state is as easy as combing it out, air-drying, and adding a bit of texture spray. A center part keeps the look modern.

Straight and Loose

Bella Hadid with straight hair

@bellahadid / Instagram

Blow-drying the hair straight and keeping the center part is an easy, day-to-night look that almost anyone with long hair can replicate. Here, the volume is sparse, for a '90s look.

Avant-Garde Updo

Bella Hadid with an avant-garde updo

@bellahadid / Instagram

Though it's not the easiest look to replicate, this is a fun style for a special occasion. For something similar, create a faux-hawk comprised of four to five buns concentrated on the center of the head.

Short and Red With Bangs

Bella Hadid in a short red wig

@bellahadid / Instagram

As Bella demonstrates, you can try on any style with a wig. Here, a short, red wig gets the tousled treatment, with bangs that frame the face.

Two-Tone Ponytail

Bella Hadid in a two-toned ponytail

@bellahadid / Instagram

We love this two-toned ponytail, which can be replicated with a ponytail extension. Here, the contrasting color is only concentrated on the tail of the ponytail, so no dye is actually required.

Dip-Dyed Bob

Bella Hadid in a dip-dyed bob

@bellahadid / Instagram

A blunt bob with micro-bangs is fun on its own, but by dip-dyeing the ends of both the bangs and the bob, this look goes super mod. Ask your stylist to keep your bangs rounded out, so they frame the face, to mimic the look.

Braided Updo

Bella Hadid with a braided updo

@bellahadid / Instagram

Think of this style as a classic updo with a literal twist. Here, hair is pulled back, but instead of a bun or a ponytail, individual pieces are braided, then coiled around one another and secured in place with pins.

Wavy Ponytail

Bella Hadid With a Wavy ponytail

@bellahadid / Instagram

An easy updo for those with naturally textured hair, this look is as simple as pulling air-dried hair into a ponytail. If your hair isn't naturally wavy, just run a Beachwaver ($229) over the ends.

Long With Bangs

Bella Hadid with dark brown hair

Bella Hadid

Keep things easy by air-drying hair and adding interest with bangs. Here, rather than layered, the hair is blunt at the ends, which adds a modern twist.

Bangs and Bob

Bella Hadid
Taylor Hill/Getty

The rounded ends on Bella's bob keeps this look from veering too severe. Keeping the bangs on the longer side (and rounding the ends there, too) adds to the overall look.

Ponytail With Tight Curls

Fall Hair Colors Golden Brown Bella Hadid

Getty Images

For a look that's pure drama, pull hair back into a slick pony, then add heavy ringlets to the ends using a medium-barrelled curling iron. We love the contrast between the straight and the curls, and this is an ideal way to show off fun accessories.

High Bun

Bella Hadid in a High Bun

@bellahadid / Instagram

This high bun is perfect for evening. To create more interest, try wrapping a small piece of braided hair around the base, to cover the elastic and create an organic accessory.

Center Parted Ponytail With Ringlets

Bella Hadid with a high ponytail with curls

@bellahadid / Instagram

This look is pure romance. Utilizing her signature center part, Bella's hair is placed in a high ponytail, with the ends curled very tightly (and not brushed out, which is key to the look).

Loose Lob With Volume

Bella Hadid with a loose lob

@bellahadid / Instagram

A loose lob like this one is all about texture. For a lived-in style like this one, use a texture spray like Kristin Ess Dry Finish Working Texture Spray, $15 from roots to mid-shaft, post-blow dry.

Updo With Zig-Zag Part

Bella Hadid with zig-zag part

@bellahadid / Instagram

The zig-zag parts of the 1990s are all grown up. To get this look, take a pointed comb at the front of your part and move it backwards, drawing a zigzag line from front to back.

Orange Accents

Bella Hadid with orange accented hair

@bellahadid / Instagram

Those looking for an innovative dye job need look no further. Here, two tones of orange are concentrated only surrounding the face, for an almost rainbow-hued look that's all about contrast.

Classic Pigtails

Bella Hadid with classic pigtails

@bellahadid / Instagram

Traditional pigtails get the Bella treatment with a center part and lots of texture. We love how the highlights in her hair here are concentrated on the ends, for an ombré look that creates dimension and interest.

Fembot Chic

Cash Lawless calls this look "fembot hair," wherein the back of the crown is lifted and a front section is parted on the side and tucked behind the ear, otherwise known as a Coke-can tuck. It's very '60s, especially with the ends curled under and resting just above the shoulders. 

Carefree Lengths

Bella Hadid with long, dark brown hair and translucent sunglasses

Getty Images

We rarely see Hadid with as many inches as she's displaying here, but these effortless waist-grazing strands suit the model incredibly well. Consider it "new" Parisian glam.

Bouncy Blowout

Bella Hadid wears a layered shoulder-length blowout and glowing makeup

Getty Images

So much good is happening here: Hadid's bronze skin, her sheer corset jumpsuit, and bouncy, voluminous blowout courtesy of Jen Atkin. To create it, Atkin prepped damp hair with Ouai Wave Spray. Next, she blew out the hair with the Dyson Supersonic dryer and a Christophe Robin Pre-Curved Blowdry brush. For extra volume, the celebrity stylist added a few The Hair Shop clip-in extensions. Then, the hair was prepped with Balmain Session Spray Strong before the ends were curled under using a one-and-a-half-inch Hot Tools curling iron. To finish, Atkin misted Ouai Texturizing Hairspray at the roots and all over.

Mermaid Waves

Bella Hadid wears long, wavy hair and a silk robe

@bellahadid / Instagram

Talk about serving looks. Stylist Jennifer Yepez created this voluminous, tightly waved style using Kérastase's Mousse Bouffant to build enviable volume throughout Hadid's strands.


Bella Hadid wears a slicked-back ponytail and smoky eye

@bellahadid / Instagram

At long last, Hadid's signature snatched ponytail. Slicking back the hair and pulling it taut (like, really taut) fakes the appearance of lifted features. Just prepare for a bit of a headache toward the end of the night. 

Just Woke Up

Bella Hadid wears a textured, tousled hairstyle and red lipstick

@bellahadid / Instagram

Hadid doesn't frequently wear her hair rough and tousled, so this saltwater-wave lob is a welcomed deviation.   

Vintage Bob

Bella Hadid wears a 1940s-inspired curled bob

@bellahadid / Instagram

Hadid must often pull inspiration from 1940s hairstyles, as we frequently see her with large curls tucked underneath, like a classic femme fatale. 

Faux Fringe

Bella Hadid wears a ponytail hairstyle with faux bangs

@bellahadid / Instagram

Hadid's been known to experiment with faux fringes every now and again. They're quite suitable on the model, so committing to the chop would only serve her well. We do understand her desire to have the short-term option, though. They're immensely transformative and take minutes to apply

Short and Sleek

Bella Hadid wears a sleek bob hairstyle and yellow eyeshadow

@bellahadid / Instagram

Sleek, short, and swingy, this stick-straight bob looks grown-up and sharp on the model.

Micro Waves

Bella Hadid wears a short, wavy hairstyle half pulled back

@bellahadid / Instagram

Hadid's tightly wound waves were likely created using a small-barreled curling iron, like this micro barrel from Gold 'n Hot. Rake your fingers through when you're done to fluff up the texture, and then mist a light hair spray to hold.

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