7 "Hot Girl Hair" Tips I Learned From Bella Hadid's Colorist Jenna Perry

Plus, why she thinks blonde will never go out of style.

Jenna Perry Hair colorist

Living Proof

What do Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, Chloë Sevigny and Emily Ratajkowski have in common? (Aside from being stunning, famous, and regular fixtures on my mood boards, that is.) They've all been blessed with hair color by Jenna Perry. Once an East Village secret, Perry has become one of the most in-demand colorists of the moment, thanks to her signature "hot girl hair"—color that is both totally distinctive yet effortless and lived in.

Scrolling through her Instagram is like a primer of every cool girl that should be on your radar, from downtown girls and up-and-comers to certified A-list celebs. If they're an it-girl, chances are Perry has touched their hair—and is probably behind their most major transformations, like Kendall Jenner's recent ginger red, or that time Bella Hadid tried blonde on for size.

So when I was given the chance to chat with Perry in honor of Living Proof's newest launch, the Triple Bond Complex ($45)—a heat-activated weekly repairing treatment—I obviously took it and came away all the wiser.

Ahead, read seven beauty lessons from celebrity hair colorist Jenna Perry.

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Blonde Is Eternal

Chloe Sevigny blonde hair


"I definitely feel like blondes never go out of style. There have been so many phases of blondes—right now there's been more natural shades. But across the map, it's always blonde hair color [that's trending]."

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Protect Your Color This Summer

Jenna Perry in sunglasses


"I recommend using a leave-in spray if you're going to actually be in the water, or on the beach in the sun. Living Proof has their Restore Perfecting Spray ($29) that I love. It protects your hair from UVs, and it's pretty easy. It's a good detangler too. If you're going to blow dry your hair, I would recommend their No Frizz Humidity Shield ($25). That's a product I love so much, it's weightless, and it gets like a really good, effortless blow dry, but keeps your hair pretty and prevents frizz. It's got all the good stuff in it to protect your color."

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Make Sure a New Color Fits Your Life (and Budget)

Grace Van Patten Red Hair Color


"When deciding on a shade, I think that you should definitely note your skin tone and your eye color, but also your maintenance routine. There are colors that are more high maintenance, like red, so you'd have to factor all of that into your lifestyle before coloring your hair. I think that's a big one, for sure."

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A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Bella Hadid and Jenna Perry


"Definitely bring as many pictures as possible to the salon to your hairdresser when you're making a big change."

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Healthy Hair = Happy Hair Color

Jenna Perry on pink background


"You can't have damaged hair and hair color, they just don't go together. Healthy hair, a healthy scalp, and healthy cuticles, it's so important. If you're going to color your hair, you want it to be as shiny and healthy and at its best. That's where the Living Proof Triple Bond Complex ($45) comes in."

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Have Fun With Your Hair

Hair ribbons

@emiliamuss, color by Jenna Perry

"I'm loving hair accessories. I think that in the summer, it's important to be playful! I love all the ribbons I see girls putting in their hair, and scrunchies. Hair accessories are one of my favorite summer trends for sure."

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The Products She's Loving Right Now

jenna perry


"Of course, I love the Triple Bond Complex, I think it's pretty much the only thing you need in your regimen to keep the hair healthy."

"I'm loving the Valmont skin moisturizer, just because I love the smell of it, and it's not greasy. And then my good old trusty lip balms—I love the Make lip balms that are all different colors, they're so fun."

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