The Surprising Men's Product Behind Bella Hadid's Sleek Locks


Getty/Mike Marsland

Every time we come across yet another stellar product marketed to men, we’re reminded just how silly it is that this beauty binary exists at all. Smoky, sultry colognes, luscious shave gel—who’s to say that those things don’t have a place in our routines, too?

Still, because the men’s market is pretty vast and relatively unknown to us in our daily travels, we’re always curious to know which products are worth borrowing from the boys. Vogue obliged us by asking a handful of supermodels which items they like to steal from the men in their life—and the answers are gold. 

Deodorant, fragrance, and hair products all topped the list—but we have our eye on Bella Hadid’s pick in particular, which she likes to swipe from younger brother Anwar. Keep scrolling to see what it is!