Bella Hadid's Chunky Highlights Are Ripped Straight From the Early 2000s

Y2K all the way.

Bella Hadid

Getty Images

Whether you're a full-on Bella Bot or simply follow the model in passing, everyone can take a note or two from Bella Hadid's recent hair changes. Her colorist, Jenna Perry, has been through it all with Hadid, from adding in two-toned money piece highlights to her locks, to most recently swapping the model's signature chocolate brown to Aspen blonde for the new year. Now, Hadid has switched it up again with a style that's ripped straight from the early 2000s: chunky blonde highlights with a pouf.

On February 18, Hadid shared a carousel of photos with friends (including photographer Renell Medrano and hairstylist Evanie Frausto) wearing an almost monochromatic lime green outfit. She wore a lime green zip-up top from her collection with About You, and paired the top with low-rise lime green pants and a green Heaven zip-up hoodie. She accessorized with a brown studded belt, futuristic orange glasses, and black eye patches—but her hair is the real star here.

Although Hadid started the year by straying from her typical brown hair, it seems that the model has adopted a "why not both?" approach to hair color. Her dark roots with hints of auburn shepherd Hadid back to her typical brown shade, while her Aspen blonde face-framing highlights bring light to Hadid's face. Sure, there are ways to balayage contrasting colors like these to make the hair have a more blended ombre effect—but never afraid to make a statement, Hadid went for stark, chunky highlights that match her Y2K vibe head-to-toe. To nail the early 2000s hair look even further, Hadid wears her hair straight, seemingly devoid of layers, with a pouf in the front.

It's a look that's a true copy-and-paste from the hairstyles that stars like Christina Aguilera, Lauren Conrad, and Lindsay Lohan wore back in the day. It's proof that Y2K style, although it has been at the forefront of beauty and fashion trends for what feels like years, isn't going anywhere.

If you've been waiting for a resurrection of the color job that had a chokehold on your hair appointments during high school, consider Bella's approval your sign: true chunky Y2K highlights are back.

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