Bella Hadid Is the Latest Celeb to Try Out Side Bangs

The mid-aughts are back.

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid is a woman of many talents, including (but certainly not limited to) trying out new hairstyles and sharing affirmations. A quick look at the 2022 Model of the Year’s Instagram reveals a hodgepodge of new hairdos (recently including an icy Marilyn bob and “Beetlejuice bangs”) and the occasional inspirational quote to spread positivity and light. On January 29, the model took to TikTok to marry these two themes together, debuting some emo-inspired side bangs to the tune of “Affirmations” by Snoop Dogg.

In the video, Hadid is in her apartment, wearing a vintage black graphic T-shirt, with writing printed in grey text along with etchings of red and orange throughout the long sleeves. It looks like she's wearing no makeup at all, save for maybe a swipe of concealer.

As for her hair, Hadid is rocking the “Aspen” blonde color that her colorist, Jenna Perry, created for her right before the holidays. She has a pair of grown-out curtain bangs, which she's pushed to either side of her forehead to create some on-trend side bangs. As Snoop Dogg's voice sings sweet messages about loving yourself, Hadid poses as she gathers her hair into a messy yet chic bun—and somehow secures it without a hair tie or pin.

When Hadid first revealed her blonde transformation, she had baby Birkin bangs that tapered out to an edge right below her cheekbone. After a month of her cut, her bangs have grown a bit, allowing her to play around and shape her bangs into various styles, like a these throwback side bangs.

The significance of this style is twofold: firstly, Hadid clearly exemplifies the notion that trying on a new hairstyle doesn't always require a salon appointment but rather working with what you have to create an entirely new appearance for your locks—plus, it's a great way to experiment with a new look without making a permanent decision.

Secondly, one of the biggest reasons that people forgo opting for bangs is that although they look great after the initial cut, they are a pain to upkeep due to growth. Hadid is living proof that bang outgrowth can look cute if you decide to switch up your styling method as they become longer over time.

So, whether you currently have curtain bangs and want to spice things up, or just got Birkin bangs and don't know what to do in the coming weeks when they inevitably grow, take a note from Hadid for a chic transformation that doesn't cost a dime,

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