Bella Hadid Just Went "Aspen Blonde"

Her colorist gives us all the details.

Bella Hadid with dark brown hair

Bella Hadid

From blokecore to cyber chic, at the helm of every trend is one person: Bella Hadid. When looking at her impeccable range, signature street style, and an iconic moment at Paris Fashion Week (spray-on dress, anyone?), it came as no surprise when Hadid was named as 2022's Model of the Year.

But Hadid's influence is even stronger off the runway: her vintage-heavy fashion and beauty looks have transformed the way we see model-off-duty style, and are the blueprint for almost every current trend—so much so that there's a TikTok army of "Bella bots" dedicated to recreating her looks. So, get ready to see a lot less brunettes out there—Bella Hadid just went blonde.

Bella Hadid with blonde hair

Bella Hadid

On December 18, Hadid shared in an Instagram Story that she was “feeling a little better and a little blonder.” In the story, Hadid showed off her new buttery blonde hair—accessorized with a teddy bear filter, of course—which features warm tones and dark roots. She left her hair down, showing off the color's dimension, as well as her long face-framing bangs and fresh extensions. She paired her new ‘do with a cozy taupe shirt, a green suede coat, and a swoopy silver and turquoise pendant hanging from a ribbon choker, adding a "frazzled English woman” flair to her hair reveal.

Hadid's colorist, Jenna Perry, tells Byrdie that the duo has been calling the shade "Baby Bella" or "Aspen Blonde" depending on the day. "We have been dreaming up a lighter color for a while, but this was a ‘let’s see how far we can go’ moment," Perry says. "We went in and lifted her to as pale blonde as possible considering her dark brunette history for the past year or so. I was aiming for a dark beigy blonde base with lighter highlights."

If you're itching for a change, this hair color should be at the top of your to-do list for the New Year. What sets this blonde apart from other trending shades (hello, tiramisu, and mushroom blondes) is that it’s heavy on the warm undertones that offer a slightly washed-out and lived-in finish. "The color feels virgin and natural," agrees Perry. Plus, the warm tones are the perfect way to add a bit of life back into a pale complexion, making it the perfect choice as we head into the colder months.

If you're thinking of trying the shade yourself, Perry has some simple advice. "As always, I'd highly suggest going to a hair colorist that you trust," she says. "One that will ask you all the right questions about your hair history to know what you can actually achieve/expect."

Bella bots assemble, we go blonde at dawn.

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