Did Bella Hadid Just Make 'Beetlejuice' Bangs a Thing?

Soon we'll all be asking for the Lydia Deetz.

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid

Celebrities have a knack for switching their haircuts and colors on what can sometimes feel like a weekly basis—or, if you're Bella Hadid, multiple times a week. The model recently went "Aspen blonde" ahead of the holidays, and just this week shared a reel where she has platinum blonde curls. Just a few days after that, Hadid posted yet another photo with her signature dark brown hair and a pair of piecey "Beetlejuice bangs."

While the photo is most likely older (or the work of a convincing wig) Hadid paired a few current fashion trends with her "new" hair, starting with the "frazzled English woman" aesthetic on top, and ending with a nod to balletcore on her feet. She wore an olive green cardigan overtop a mesh lavender shirt, and paired the look with a red corduroy midi skirt with exposed seams and a frayed hem. She matched a pair of slouchy socks to her lavender top, and wore white satin Miu Miu ballet flats to tie the look together.

In the photos, her brown hair flows over her shoulders, and a twist on the piecey bang that’s been popular this year is front and center. Unlike classic bangs that start towards the center of the hairline and fan out across the forehead, Hadid’s micro bangs seem to grow out of her entire hairline in a blunt line that makes a stark difference between where her bangs and hair meet. She adds a spooky edge to her new style by gathering the bangs in stringy pieces, which could only be inspired by Winona Ryder’s character in Beetlejuice, Lydia Deetz.

Sure, this isn’t exactly what you might wear on a daily basis (unless you’re always off to a warehouse show in Berlin), but Bella Hadid’s bangs are just her take on the piecey 2000s bangs that stars have been flocking to since the fall. Just this past week, Jenna Ortega was spotted at the Saint Laurent menswear runway show in Paris with wet stringy side bangs, and in fall 2022, Katie Holmes gave her stamp of approval to the side-swept micro bang as well.

If you’ve always wanted to go for bangs but fear that a fuller, blunt cut would take over your face, consider adding depth with a piecey alternative. Piecey bangs are perfect for letting your face shine through the strands resting on your forehead while adding movement and body to the hairline with an emphasis on the hair’s separation.

Maybe Bella’s exact take on this trend is too arthouse for you—still, you can gain inspo from the model to delve into the latest bang craze.

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