12 Reasons Why 2016 Was the Year of Bella Hadid



It's almost alarming to remember that at this time in 2015, Bella Hadid was best known as Gigi's up-and-coming little sister. Fast-forward to now, and the bona fide supermodel is a stunning example of how much can change in a year (which, frankly, seems to be the overarching theme of 2016). After 12 months spent inking countless high-profile contracts (Nike! Calvin Klein! Dior!), posing and catwalking for the most legendary fashion labels in the biz, accruing upwards of eight million Instagram followers, and capping it all off by making her debut on the Victoria's Secret runway, it's crystal clear: This is Bella Hadid's world, and we're just living in it.

But rather than wax poetic and speculate on her explosive success, why not let her accomplishments speak for themselves? By perusing a timeline of Hadid's jam-packed year, it's much easier to understand her astronomical rise. As for how she managed to tackle it all, well… that's anyone's guess. (Let's just say that we're beginning to suspect that she's not actually human.)

Look back at Hadid's incredible year below.