Is This the Reason We're Tired All the Time?

We've been told time and again to bank seven to eight hours of sleep in order to feel well rested. So why is it that even after days of clocking that minimum, we sometimes still feel exhausted?

A new study shows that it's not just about the time that we spend sleeping, but the timing—in other words, going to bed at a different hour every night can wreak havoc on your sleep cycle, impacting the quality of your shut-eye. After changing the sleep/wake schedule of a group of mice, scientists found that the mice slept worse, even if they slept for the same amount of time.

Other things that can throw off your Circadian rhythm? Your phone, computer, and other LED or LCD-lit devices, as well as non-digital factors like long work hours and jet-lag. Obviously life happens, but the takeaway is to plan on falling asleep at the same time every nightand please unplug a bit before doing so.

On nights when we're left staring at the ceiling, nothing works better to induce some z's than aromatherapy. Try Stadler Form's Jasmine Diffuser ($46), which automatically releases essential oils.

Have you ever been able to kick a bad sleep habit? Tell us how you did it in the comments below!