Becky G Launched Treslúce to Celebrate Her Latinx Heritage with Beauty and Authenticity

Introducing a colorful new makeup brand from Becky G.

Becky G


It’s not every day that a new beauty brand launches with diversity baked into its mission, but Becky G has managed to do just that. Treslúce, the project she spent months developing, is precisely what you would expect from the star. Filled with bright colors, carefully crafted brushes, and gel eyeliners that’ll last all day, this launch feels very true to its founder—and celebrates her Mexican heritage.

The multi-hyphenate is not only a singer, songwriter, and actress, but someone who instantly feels like your best friend. Her career started in 2011 when videos of her singing caught the eye of producers who instantly offered her a record deal. From there, she debuted a multitude of viral hits, starred in makeup campaigns with brands like Covergirl and Colourpop, and gained enough experience and knowledge to create a beautiful collection of her own. 

Becky G's passion was evident when we spoke with the newly-minted beauty founder via Zoom. She chose to test the products herself (yes, every single one), wearing them in her music videos and red carpet looks to ensure every formula was developed with the utmost care. But this isn’t just another colorful makeup line. The singer created Treslúce to put more diverse faces at the forefront of beauty. “My Mexican heritage was also very much an inspiration, as I wanted to highlight it in a very special way—along with all the other beautiful Latinx cultures within our community,” explains the singer.

Below, everything you need to know about Treslúce, including how it was developed, what it means for the Latinx community, the story behind it, and more.

Becky G with eyeshadow palette


Her Process

The collection has been one of her biggest dreams since she was a little girl, but she knew she had to garner experience, gain insights, and figure out how to do it on her own before she took the plunge. “I've dreamt about this moment for years now, and it was always on my list of priorities, but I thought it was important to be a student first.”

Using her experience as one of the youngest Covergirls and on several limited-edition collaborations with Colourpop Cosmetics, she slowly gained enough knowledge of packaging, color stories, and developing formulas to be hands-on while creating her line. “Those little things were just me learning and building more confidence to be able to be in the position that I'm in now,'' she says. “I've annoyingly been involved in every single phase—from names to brand colors to logos to just overall product development—to be as innovative and authentic as possible.”

model wearing eyeliner


The Mission

With the line, Becky G hopes to support her Latinx community while still celebrating all diverse perspectives. “We will amplify the beauty, diversity, and complexity of Latinx culture with the goal of advancing and influencing others' understanding and acceptance of our cultura”, Becky G explains. 

She continues, “I also want young women who come from where I come from to be looked at as more than just a pretty face, but as a young businesswoman.” Becky G wants to use this platform to create more opportunities for other Latinx artists. “Like Monica Loya, who actually was the incredible artist that did the artwork for our first palette—she’s from Mexico and I was a fan of her work so it just came together in the best way.” Although the collection was inspired by her heritage, Becky G wants you to know that everyone is welcome. “That’s one thing I love about our culture so much, that we not only share our music but our food, homes, and now this makeup line," she explains. 

The Brand

Treslúce is a makeup line, yes, but it’s also so much more than that. The singer could have just called the line "Becky G cosmetics" and garnered plenty of attention. Instead, she chose a name with a powerful message: Treslúce. The number tres, she says, is her favorite number with a spiritual meaning: it represents the mind, body, and soul. “In Espanol, the number three is tres, and I thought that makeup for me is beyond gender, it's beyond color, it's beyond shape, beyond size, it is for everyone.”

Treslúce Makeup Collection


Makeup, according to Becky G, is a form of self-expression that she's embraced for most of her life. “My passion for makeup started very, very young, and it translates now into all of these other little parts—even the name.” Lúce, the second half of the name, means that you look good. “Within that, I wanted to create something that would celebrate and honor my heritage by infusing Latinx art, like the illustration done by Mexican artist Monica Loya on our I Am palette, and ingredients into the line," she adds.

The line was curated to reflect her roots, culture, and experience—and it shows. “In addition to making sure that everything we put out represents my community in an authentic way, also having our products thoughtfully formulated and tested was very important to me.” Treslúce formulas are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, and tested by the founder. In fact, she used the collection for awards shows and album cover ahead of the launch. This includes the packaging, which is made from recycled paper.

To take it a step further, she also sustainably sourced ingredients from her home—like Mexican blue agave—to support her community. “Everything we do is done with the environment in mind because, at the end of the day, we only have one planet Earth to call home, and taking care of it is vital.

Treslúce liners


The Collection

The line debuted with five products: I Am Shadow Palette ($30), Intenso Liner ($12), Like An Artista Brush Set ($35), Ilusión Premium Vegan Lashes ($14), and Super Fácil 2-in-1 Lash Applicator ($8). “I love all of the Treslúce Beauty products we’ve created, but I’d have to say I’m especially excited about our I Am Shadow Palette,” says Becky G. Each color in the palette was hand-selected by the singer who also assigned a special meaning to each shade. “They are also named after some of my favorite affirmations in both English and Spanish," she explains.

The palette is crafted with Mexican blue agave and delivers a unique softness and buttery texture. Its 18 shades work on a wide range of skin tones and include every bright color under the sun. And, its ingredients are sustainably sourced from Jalisco, Mexico, which is where Becky G’s grandparents originated. Arguably it’s the hero of the line, and one Becky G could rave on and on about.

Treslúce beauty is available to shop now.

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