This Brand-New Highlighter Palette From Becca Is the Stuff of Holiday Dreams

Updated 11/08/17

Confession: For the most part, I don't like powder highlighters. I have combination skin, which means it almost never looks even or glowy after it's applied. Half of the highlighter will diffuse across my cheekbones in oil while the other half creases and sits unnaturally atop my dry, dehydrated areas. Cream highlighter formulas, on the other hand, sink into my skin and stay put. Plus, they tend to look more natural on my complexion.

Yet despite everything I just said, I still wear Becca's powder highlighters (specifically the Champagne Dream Flashes Bellini Light Chaser Highlighter, $34). They have just enough finely milled shimmer and subtle pigment. When I apply a light dusting to my cheekbones, it looks natural, radiant, and super pretty.

That's why I'm excited for the newest product to come from Becca. Yes, it's a highlighter, but it's also more than that. The three shimmery shades can be layered over eye shadow, lip gloss, and more. Keep scrolling to see Becca's Light Waves Highlighter Palette for yourself.

Becca Cosmetics Light Waves Highlighter $34

Each of the three pressed powders is a unique shade of Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfectors, which are one of the most popular highlighting formulas ever released from the brand. Like the Light Chaser highlighters, these are silky smooth and super pretty when applied to the high points of the face. The first shade, Moonstone, is a subtle golden shimmer; the second, Pink Sapphire, is a brand-new limited-edition shade of peachy-bronze powder that has duo-chrome shimmer (um, we're in love); and finally, there's Prismatic Amethyst, which is a cool-toned iridescent lilac.

Becca Global Style Director Kerry Cole says the application techniques are endless. For the new Pink Sapphire shade specifically, pat it over clear gloss to give a shimmery pink hue to your lips. Dust it over your blush using a fan or powder brush to give added color and luster to your cheeks. We're dying to try the peachy shade as an eye shadow, too. Maybe we'll do all three to achieve the perfect peach monochrome makeup…

The other shades can be used similarly. One of our favorite unique tips from Cole, though, involves the Prismatic Amethyst. She recommends dusting it over freshly applied damp mascara for ultra fluttery and eye-catching lashes.

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