I Tested Becca Cosmetics' Zero No Pigment Foundation and I'm Pleasantly Surprised

becca cosmetics zero no pigment foundation

Rachel Dube

Most of us can attest to the fact that foundation, and in some cases concealer, is part of our everyday routine. However, since many of us have been working from home, it’s often hard to find the motivation to apply makeup of any kind. Although that is totally fine—some days, a little something to blur and reduce redness makes us feel good.

That’s where the Becca Cosmetics Zero No Pigment Foundation comes in. Since it has no pigment (it’s a skincare-makeup hybrid), it’s perfect for throwing on whenever you feel like it. When I first saw it on Instagram, I knew I needed to test it ASAP. Read on for my honest review and to find out if it’s worth the hype. 

Pros + Cons


  • Hydrating
  • Blurs out blemishes and lines
  • Works for every skin tone


  • Not full coverage

The Bottom Line

The first of its kind, Becca Cosmetics Zero No Pigment Foundation is an innovative hybrid, as it's both skincare and makeup. It’s perfect for keeping your skin hydrated with a matte finish while blurring slight imperfections. 

Becca Cosmetics Zero No Pigment Foundation

Best for: Blurring, smoothing, and hydrating your skin without foundation

Star Rating: 4.1/5

Active ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid 

Byrdie Clean? Yes

Potential Allergens: None

Price: $36

What's Included: Spatula

About the brand: Becca Cosmetics was founded in 2001 with the goal of creating glowing complexion products for every skin tone and color. 

becca cosmetics zero no pigment foundation
Becca Cosmetics Zero No Pigment Foundation $36.00

About My Skin: Combination with slight rosacea

Other than slight rosacea flare-ups and minimal oiliness or dryness according to the season, my skin doesn't give me much trouble. On an average day, I wear very little makeup. Usually, I throw on a BB cream or sheer-coverage foundation, mascara, brow tint, and brow gel. Though, I put on more makeup for special occasions like work events, a night out with friends, holidays, weddings, etc.

In order to add Becca Cosmetics' Zero No Pigment Foundation into my routine, I swapped out my sheer-coverage foundation. Since it’s supposed to be in place of a foundation, it only made sense to swap my foundation out to test it. I wanted to address covering up slight redness on my cheeks and add a blurring effect to my skin.

How to Apply: With your fingers

To apply, scoop up a dime-size amount onto the spatula and place the product onto your fingertips. Smooth over your face in circular motions to get the blurring and smoothing effect. Although the brand recommends a pea-size amount, I found I needed more to be able to effectively see results. Other than that, the application was the same as any other foundation or BB cream. The product has a thick consistency, almost like a winter moisturizer or night cream, which made application pretty easy. 

Ingredients: Hydrating

Made with hyaluronic acid, this foundation packs a punch of hydration. It's also non-acnegenic, meaning it won't clog pores, and it won't cause acne. Other ingredients include glycerin and butylene glycol.

Coverage: Very Sheer

Let me preface this by saying this product is not for full coverage. While it does blur slight imperfections like redness, oiliness, pores, etc—it does not have any pigment. For example, it won't cover your breakouts. It's a transparent formula intended to smooth skin. If you want a full-coverage foundation, I wouldn’t recommend this product to you.

The Results: Blurs imperfections with a matte finish

After testing it a few times, I came to the conclusion that it definitely blurs effectively. For me, minimal redness, visible pores, and skin texture were all blurred perfectly by the product. Aside from that, I absolutely loved how it felt on my skin and how it kept my skin super hydrated. The formula offers a matte finish and conceals any oiliness. I love how it's a non-traditional foundation but still worthwhile. Becca Cosmetics celebrates embracing your true, natural self and this product speaks to that.

After testing it a few times, I came to the conclusion that it definitely blurs effectively.

Becca zero no pigment foundation
Rachel Dube

The Value: Similar price point to traditional foundations

Coming in at $36, it’s a good value. Since it’s long-lasting and wears well, you don’t have to worry about fixing your complexion throughout the day or adding more product. Also, it’s worth noting this product works on all skin tones due to the fact that it’s clear. That said, if you want real coverage, it's worth spending your money elsewhere. This product is great for putting on in the morning when working from home, it helps feel like you're put together and ready for the work day at your desk (or couch, no judging here).

Similar Products: You have options

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Foundation: While this $44 foundation is pigmented, it's a lightweight feel that leaves the skin with a matte finish. And if you're looking for full coverage, this is the one.

Ilia True Skin Serum Foundation: Priced at $54, this foundation offers medium-coverage and a lightweight feel. It is made up of ingredients like aloe and plant-based squalane, and skin is left glowing and moisturized.

Our Verdict: A great alternative to BB creams or sheer-coverage foundations 

I absolutely recommend buying this product if you love BB creams or sheer-coverage foundation. It did an amazing job blurring my skin, mattifying my slight summer oiliness, and keeping my skin super hydrated. I loved the formula and will most definitely be using it again. 

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