You Can Soon Buy This Cult Natural Beauty Line at Target


Courtesy of Beautycounter

This fall, cult natural beauty brand Beautycounter will launch a limited edition collection exclusively for Target that includes fan favorite products, special sets, and a new nourishing oil. Staying true to their brand, Beautycounter has formulated all the products without the 1,500 ingredients on “The Never List.” The collection launches in September and the prices will range from $12 to $39. We can't wait. [Beautycounter]

A good skincare routine includes applying SPF on a daily basis. Heyday, a facial shop in New York City, takes skin cancer prevention very seriously and is giving $30 vouchers to those who show proof of their dermatologist visits. The voucher can be used services at Heyday, and the promotion is valid until June 30th. [Heyday]

Beyoncé’s Lemonade album has become a huge success thanks to the catchy songs, beautiful visuals, and of course #beckywiththegoodhair. DivaDance studio is now offering “Dance & Sweat” classes that use songs from Lemonade. Every class session is focused on a teaching you the choreography of a different song on the album. Now you can dance to “Formation” just like Queen Bey. [InStyle]

Washing your makeup off at the end of a long day can seem like a hassle. This disturbing video shows what happens to your skin when you sleep with makeup on. Spoiler: It breaks down collagen leaving you with premature wrinkles. [HuffingtonPost]

Dirty makeup brushes are a big no-no because they're full of unwanted bacteria. But cleaning said makeup brushes can be a hassle and is very time consuming. The solution? A silicone glove that gets every last bit of makeup residue out of the bristles while keeping your mani chip free. [SheFinds]

Many of us try to squeeze in a healthy snack or drink before working out, but it turns out some foods shouldn’t be eaten before exercising. While some are obvious—fried foods—others not so much. [PureWow]

Dr. Jart has released a moisturizer unlike any other. The gel-like moisturizer turns into actual water droplets which you then rub into skin to get even more hydration. Moisturizing will never be the same. [InStyle]

Should you only be using travel-sized mascara? After reading this, you may consider ditching your full sized mascara for good. [PureWow]

Henna is considered a natural alternative to traditional hair dyes. Here’s everything you need to know about henna before you decide to try it out. [HuffingtonPost]

Think you can’t rock bold brows and a classic red lip like Karlie Kloss? Well, think again. []

Speaking of Karlie, she shared her everyday makeup routine with us.