Beautyblender Fans, Prepare for a Major Launch

Unearthing a fresh hot-pink Beautyblender, rinsing it in the sink, and dipping it into your foundation for the first time are nothing short of euphoria. It may sound hyperbolic, but a clean beauty tool is truly what dreams are made of. That’s why when our pretty, pink sponges get tarnished from our makeup, turning a brown-pink hybrid color that’s anything but dream-worthy, the honeymoon phase is over. So, when Beautyblender created a black “pro” sponge (also available for us novices at Sephora) that hides the bulk of our makeup stains, we were thrilled.

But PopSugar just spilled some major intel about a launch we’ve been awaiting for quite some time: bulk black Beautyblenders. (A lovely alliteration, to boot.)

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