This Beautyblender Hack Will Help Your Makeup Look Even Better

By now, we're sure you know to dampen your Beautyblender ($20) before using it. Using the egg-shaped sponge in its naturally dry state doesn't allow for it to perform optimally. Rather, the open cell structure of the sponge fills with water when you run it under the faucet (as sponges do) and less makeup is absorbed as a result, so your foundation doesn't get sucked up and disappear into a dark hole (or rather, a porous pink sponge) as you dab.

This trick is rock solid, but during a recent meeting with Lijha Stewart, director of education and artistry at Make Up For Ever, we were told an entirely new game-changing trick: After wetting it with water, apply primer directly to your sponge. (Yes, really.)

As I watched Stewart squeeze some Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizing Primer ($37) onto her Beautyblender, I audibly gasped. It just didn't seem kosher to rub product directly onto a sponge instead of your skin. However, Stewart says adding the primer step makes for even less makeup absorption and also blends with the foundation while you dab the sponge on your face, resulting in even better overall makeup application. Brilliant, right? Stewart even told us that she actually doesn't like to apply primer directly to the skin, because it tends to cause a slippery barrier. So this trick will help you get the mattifying and pore-hiding benefits of a primer without any unnecessary slippage.

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